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  2. Registration is now open for the 2019 CCC. Please note: When you sign up you are agreeing to abide by the CCC 2019 Rules. Please be sure to read them! Use the link below: Click Here to Sign Up for the 2019 CCC CAG members: $60 Non Member: $60 + $25 (CAG Membership) = $85 If you already have an account as a Forum Guest please log-in and become a member instead of creating a 'second' account.
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  4. Spring Big 4 And Finally!!!!!!! Congratulations to everyone who entered this years Spring Big 4. Here are the results and prizes. All those named.....please ensure you message me or Phil Nathan your email and valid postal address or no prizes can be sent out!! Please post on here photos of your biggest fish and its weight. Let everyone see your best. Here’s the final leaderboard. 1. $300 Kody Clayton 153lb. Pa 2. $150 Tom Schulten. 141lb 3oz. Maryland 3. $100 Sean Clayton. 140lb. PA 4. $ 75 David Dakin 139lb. Ct 5. $ 50 Barry Howard 133lb 4oz. NY 6. $ 30 Dean Brookes 132lb 9oz Mass 7. $ 30 Chris Mathews 132lb 6oz Illinois 8. $ 30 David Pickering 126lb 12oz. Ct 9. $ 30 Todd Richer. 122lb 11oz. Ct 10 $ 30 Blayne Beeler. 116lb 15oz. DC All $ values are gift certificates for BCT. Photo Plaque for Regional Winners Reg 1 Kody Clayton 153lb Reg 2 Kirk Suedmeyer. 91lb 7oz Reg 3 Peter Oberholzer. 105lb 12oz Reg 4 Paul Woodmansey. 76lb 15oz Biggest Common Kody Clayton 51lb 14oz Biggest Mirror Chris Mathews 39lb 12oz Each will receive Linear Baits Pack ($100 value) Well Done. Once again we have been monitoring comments and will freshen up the Fall Big 4 accordingly.
  5. Here is a list of the 2019 CCC donors so far. If anyone would like to be a donor please let me know. It could either be a company or a fishing club and any donations would be appreciative for the raffle table. So. if you want to get your name out as a donor to help out the Carp Anglers Group 2019 CCC here is the place to do so. I have more donors to not only hear back from but, to contact as well. This is just the start of the donor list. Lets gill those tables with prizes. Wacker Baits Trilogy Baits Co. Linear Bait Co. Bottom Feeder Baits Carp Bait U.S.A. One On Baits Wicked Carp Baits Rod Hutchinson U.S.A. Carp Anglers Group Team Fish Fighters from Indiana Mid-State Carpers from Illinois
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  8. CCC 2019 Itinerary & Hotel Information Friday September 27th Pre-Fish Event: We will have a pre fish in downtown Chicago at Montrose Harbor on Friday the 27th There isn’t any start or stop time for fishing. There is free parking available but you must be there really early in the morning if you want free parking. Friday Evening: Meet & Greet Social & Scale Certification From 6pm at the Clarion hotel on 411 S. Larkin Ave. Joliet IL 60436. The hotel has a restaurant and bar inside that is open from 4:30 p.m. until 10 p.m. We will get together for dinner at 6 p.m. in the restaurant. Please note that each angler / guest will be responsible for their own dinner and drinks on the Friday evening. Bring your Scales for Certification! We will also have a table set up for anyone who has tackle they may want to sell or trade prior to Saturday's event. Saturday September 28th : CCC Tournament & Banquet 7:00 am CCC Peg Draw in the parking lot of Veterans Park (middle of Section A) off N. Bluff St. Look for the 10x10 pop-up canopy. 8:00 am – 4pm CCC Tournament 6:30pm CCC Awards, Banquet Dinner and CAG Annual Meeting The banquet after the CCC will be at the Rockdale Athletic Club at 704 Moen Avenue, Rockdale Illinois 60436. Your banquet dinner is included as part of your CCC entry, however drinks will be the responsibility of each angler... alcohol and pop available. Sunday September 29th : Mid-State Carpers of Illinois Tournament The Mid-State Carpers of Illinois will be hosting a money tournament at the same venue as the CCC. More details to follow. Hotels & Accommodation The main hotel that will be used will be the Clarion Hotel at 411 South Larkin Avenue Joliet Illinois 60436. The Clarion is 9 minutes from the river and 5 minutes from the Rockdale (where the CCC banquet will be held). Clarion hotel at 4:11 South Larkin is $112 per night Harris Joliet.. 151 North Joliet street Joliet Illinois is $245 per night Quality Inn and suite South at 135 South Larkin Avenue Joliet is 95 to a $108 per night Towne place suites by Marriott at 1515 riverboat drive center in Joliet is $141 a night Red Roof Inn Joliet 1750 macdonogh street Joliet Illinois $85 night Hampton Inn Joliet I-80 1521 riverboat center drive Joliet $165 per night Motel 6. I-80... 1850 McDonough Street Joliet is $63 per night All of the hotels listed are 13 minutes or less to the river where we will be fishing. Harrah's casino which is the most expensive is on the river at a cost of $245 per night if anyone wants to be that close For anyone wanting other options to get a bite to eat there are numerous restaurants within 15 minutes of the hotels that offer a wide variety of food and drinks
  9. Here are some photos of the Sections that will be pegged for the 2019 CCC Please note the drop to the river. A long handled or drop net will be needed! We will be fishing four sections on the Desplaines River next to two historic draw bridges the Jefferson street bridge and the Cass street bridge both were built and 1933 and are still in operation. The sections of river we will be fishing has depths from 12 ft to 25 ft deep.
  10. After a spring of fishing we finally got some footage edited, the coffee pot filled and a mug ready for some victory action ! Our first trip of the new season took us to Adams County Fairgrounds. The calm morning quickly turned into a cold, blustery afternoon. Our efforts were rewarded towards the end of the session with a with a nice low double common. We were lucky and shot some footage of a magnificent bald eagle flying over the lake. A very short video from a very cold few hours on the bankside! Hope you enjoy this teaser of the season to come! Best Regards John
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    Nothing in the public realm fitting that description. I’m going to try Busch 33 next week. Been using the Panko, strawberry jello, sweet corn and hominy on my method lead, along with some Korda IB flavors. I’m hoping once I find a carp water, I’ll hook up. On on another note, I have 250 pounds of grains to boil for my particle bait.
  12. Yeah, the Asian carp will bump lines as they go past, but you won't catch any. Try to find an old lake with a feeder stream into it ( older than 15 years-better 20-30 years)......patience grasshopper!...
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    Well, the carp haven’t showed after fishing there four times. I called the conservation Department and the lady checked with a fishery biologist, who confirmed that this lake isn’t a good venue for carp. He recommended a lake off the Meramec River that has been flooded for a couple of months. This lake also has a large population of Asian carp.
  14. Has Wacker baits closed it's doors or just it's store front?
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  16. Awesome captures everybody !!!!
  17. I was rather lucky this spring and landed both my pb common (27lb) and pb mirror (30lb). Photo credit for the 30 goes to the local police department who showed up while I was standing knee deep in the water netting the fish.
  18. True! Now it is all about the grandkids.
  20. I want to say huge props to Kody Clayton and Sean Clayton. Congratulations to you both. Very impressed spring season and very dedicated too. You’re hard work paid off. I tip my hat to you both. And you Kody a true hardcore carper for sure my friend..👍🏼
  21. Impressive catches, impressive fishing and dedication! Strong work!
  22. Nicely done David as usual!!!..............keep on fishin!........ MO
  23. Congratulations to Kirk (MO) MOCarper for his winning tip for the month of May. Kirk wins a $25 CAG Store gift certificate. You can post Carp Tips & Tricks for June at the following link. http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/forum/171-members-only-diy-section/ Carp’n Tips & Tricks Over the years we often come across some clever ideas or neat tricks that enhance our carp fishing experience. As an encouragement to share these ‘golden nuggets’ I’m proposing that members post them in the Members Only DIY Section of the CAG forum. As an added incentive we’ll be awarding a $25 CAG store gift certificate to the best idea posted each month (based on views and responses to the topic thread and as judged by the CAG BOD). You don’t have to be the originator of an idea but it would be nice to give credit to those you think deserve recognition. I’ve posted a couple of my own to get the ball rolling so now it’s over to you!
  24. I had a blast fishing the big 4 this spring!! Thank you all for the participation and most of all the competition. And a special thanks to all who put this together. I managed to get out on the last day and put up a good number of fish. This big gem clocked in at 29.00 on the nose she’s a beauty. To everyone out there in carp land keep the lines tight and the net/mat wet 👍🏼.
  25. OMG!!! Just when I thought there was simply no way to up my tally i DOUBLED on two monsters!- this 23-3 and this 35" 22-3lbr!!!!, the latter of which wrapped around three moorings and an outboard motor, shredding the mono but it held (12lb test) til I could land it , while holding the 23lbr in my sling in the water......What an incredible, incredible ending to CAG!!!!!........So....my totals are 24-0, 23-3, 22-3 and 22-2- all from the same spot at the lake with no chumming. Tonights fish were just before a Northwest storm moved in, with wind and lightening- SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!, and my two buddies, a great blue heron and a toad (toady) present!!!!..................oh, and landed an 11 lbr earlier- a real screamer!..................................YEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWW YALL!!!!!!!!!
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