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  2. Thank you all so much! I look forward to growing a fantastic women’s program! 😁
  3. By a unanimous vote of the BOD, Lynn Newsome from Ohio has been voted Director of Women's Programs. Congratulations to Lynn and thanks for volunteering for this exciting new postion.
  4. You know what Jerome I won my section in the 2004 CCC in Joliet.
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  6. Thank You Lee. I appreciate the support over the last couple of years.
  7. awesome write up mate,your playing with the big boys now. for those of you who don't know FDA i found him about 4 years ago fishing in the annual kids fishing event hosted by wethersfield game club which after a few tweaks to his rig he managed to catch a carp and win the thing !. next year i saw him again fishing the same event and after advising him where to cast with only 2 minuets to go till the end he again catches a carp and wins again ! a few months after that i took him and his dad on a tutorial and he managed to catch his old PB a stunning 23lb common. as you can see folks he has gone from strength to strength and is now a force to be reckoned with,keep up the great catch rate bruv ,im so proud of you. if any of you see him out there beware , he is a "haulin" machine !!!
  8. By a unanimous vote of the BOD our by-laws have been amended to add a new BOD position. The position is Director of Women's Programs. It has been added to Aricle IV of our by-laws under Duties of Directors and Officers. Below is a description of the duties of that postiion as stated in the by-laws: 21) Director of Women’s Programs (note: by-laws amended 7/16/19 to add this position) A) Promote the sport amongst the female population B) Help the female anglers improve their skills and knowledge of carp fishing C) Improve female participation in CAG events D) Increase CAG membership of female anglers
  9. "Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-p", the sound of a screamer!!! A new pb? This was the result of a 16 day baiting campaign with results well worth the time, money, and efort. It all started in late June I was looking for a spot on the Connecticut river the would produce massive carp that was close to where I lived. I settled on a spot that was convenient to get to, but seemed to be overfished, so I took a unique approach to this swim and fished the margins which was rarely done for carp. I fished this area for 2 weeks consistently with m I was presenting pac bait to get a feel of the fish and THE SNAGS which would land devastating blows. After figuring out the area with the smallest fish I had landed was 5lbs and the biggest 21lbs, but the average seemed to be around 11 to 16 lbs. I then decided to commit bait to the area on 7/2/19 from this point on I did not fish until 7/11/19; I chummed a 1/4 of a bucket of corn everyday at the same time. On 7/11 I had my first proper session over the bait using hook baits that were like the chum I was presenting FLAVORED CORN. In this session I lost 5 fish out of 6 takes it was devastating. It seemed to be something with my rig mechanics. I then upgraded my rig of choice to using curv shank hooks instead of my wide gape hooks. (The fish landed in this session was 19lbs ad a common). The next day I stupidly tried the same rigs that had never done me wrong hopping the losses from yesterday were flukes. They absolutely were not!! I lost three more fish. I then changed my rigs to the ones with the new hooks and started to keep the fish on. The first fish landed that day was just under 13 lbs and a common. The next fish was just over 20lbs and then I lost a hog of a carp in a snag. This did not squash my moral. I gave the fish a few day and kept pre baiting with out fishing. Further, I then fished on 7/16 I put out a bucket of corn and got fishing. I got several liners at first than things slowed down...not for long. "Bep-Beeeeeeeep", sounded one of my alarms I rushed over and and grabbed m y rod I could tell it was a smaller fish it was making several jumps and was not staying deep like a big fish. As I'm playing the fish my other rod goes off with a, "BBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP". I knew this fish was bigger but I needed to land the fish I was playing I got the small fantail in the net and had a sight seeker hold the net in the water while I battled my new PB. I saw the beast of a common emerge I wasn't sure if it would smash my PB, but I new it was the biggest fish I had landed in the swim. I managed to land both fish in the same net. I put the net down on the mat and uncovered the fish to a crowd of pedestrians that had been watching I put the smaller fish in my retaining sling and took care of the big fish. I poured a bucket of cool water over it and repositioned it in the net. I wrapped 4 the net back up and put it on my scale with the fish in the net. The scale diale sluggishly moved to 24lbs 4 ozs subtracting what the net weighied that made the fish 23lbs 12 ozs which was a new PB by a 1/4 of a pound. After a quick photo I released the fish into the depths. Now it was time for me to deal with the smaller fantail. I weighed it and it came to 9lbs 13 ozs. I then released it. I recast the rods and waited I was happy with the new PB, but I thought that I could do better with a more substantial PB. I waited almost an hour and I finally got a slow and steady take on one of my rods I quickly ran over and started playing this fish it wasn't the most energetic fish that would make long runs, but I could feel the power of it as it held bottom and went where ever it wanted, after a 20 minute battle I had wrestled the fish off the bottom and it surfaced. I new this was the one. I guided my NGT net o and the fish rolled right in. I yelled YEE YEE. I know this was my new PB. I put the fish on the mat and I could tell it was enormous.I put the fish back in the net after admiring it to get weight on it the scale came in at about 26 lbs 8 ozs making the fish 26lbs even since the net weighs about 8 ozs. I put the fish in my retaining sling and waited for someone to come and take a pic. It didn't take long... I put this fish back into the retaining sling and carried it to a muddy bank were a waded into the water up to my waist and watched the fish swim away back into the gloomy waters of the CT River where there are fish double that size; my next goal is to beat this PB with a higher 20 or low 30 and to do that I will keep prebaiting. I will keep you posted Fda
  10. Best wishes Philip. I hear they do carp fishing in Blighty too. :-)
  11. Hello fellow Carpers!! I just wanted to drop a brief note in here and to all CAG members and followers of all things Carpy to say thank you. I have decided it is time to pack up the rods, pods, bivvies and bikes and much other paraphernalia and move over to the other side of the Pond, back home to Blighty. Having had a number of family events over the past few years I find I need to spend more time in England and as such will be moving back there in the next few weeks. I want to say thank you to everyone I have met here, on the banks, at the CAG NACA conferences, at the tournaments and at Dale Hollow. It’s been quite a packed 9 years and despite having fished in the UK since I was five years old ( and that’s a lot of years ago) I have learnt huge amounts about our sport, about tactics and about my angling since being in the USA. This week I’m throwing some last casts at the Connecticut River Monsters and hope to go out with a few good commons, maybe a fantail and who knows maybe even an elusive mirror. With my move comes my resignation from CAG as Events Director and Iain Sorrell will be looking for nominations over the next few weeks. The CAG has amazing opportunities within all of its goals. There really is not another organization that I know of in the angling world quite like CAG. Good luck to all of you. Although I will be over the other side of the water I will still be in touch and look forward to following your exploits, your developments and your influence on those naysayers who haven’t fought a 20lb river fish. Good luck to you all and happy angling.
  12. I've caught many with a boilie topped with plastic corn, and still use that today. Back home I would often fish over a bed of corn, hemp and broken boilies. Put it this way I can get a 50lb sack of corn for$12 which ( please make sure you cook) is a lot cheaper than 50lbs of boilies😎
  13. Boilies v Corn, now that's an age old discussion. I have caught more fish here over the years on corn/maize, especially corn with plastic. When fishing with partners using corn, boilies v. corn, the corn usually puts the most fish in the net. However, averaging out the weights on those sessions, the boilies have put the larger fish in my hands overall. For the carp tournaments here over the past 4 years here, we are now in the 5th season, it's usually the guys using using corn/maize that have taken the win's - us boilie users have chalked up a few "W"s but ... the darn delmote more often than not, comes out on top! Saying all that, my PB common fell to corn/maize with plastic, PB mirror fell to a boilie with a plastic corn topper and my PB grass carp fell to a single 15mm pop-up. All baits can work ! As Steve mentioned, the fact we cannot "chum" here in Colorado limits our options as pre-baiting an area is simply out of the question for us.. If we could "chum", i'd certainly be going with a mix of boilies, flake, pellets and corn to get them in and hold them in the area and on the feed, especially when fishing a new water.
  14. I've caught as many on corn, including my UK pb, as I have on boilies. Having fished in your state I know you can chum, which we can't in Colorado, do I'd go with corn on purely financial grounds. Try introducing boilies though, or use on one rod and corn on another.
  15. Now I’m wondering if I should ditch the corn and go straight to boilies? Provided I find a body with carp in it!
  16. This is a virtual goldmine! I plan on using this in the discussion with a fellow on a bowhunting website. Cut an paste seems to be the answer. This guy might be busy for a while to read all this information. His last post has him dismissing documented history of carp in the USA.
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  18. I've been using Korda carp line in 15lb bs which claims to be super tough ( don't they all?), Might try going up to 20 as it's not expensive. Have you used leadcore? I had a gravel pit back home with similar issues over cut offs and that reduced the problem a bit, although it was much smaller and shallow. I'll Google those charts, although I was planning a recce tommorow anyway just to get out the house 😂 and I like using a marker to get the feel of the place before heading back on Monday. Thanks again for your help 😎
  19. Steve, As Chatfield is so heavily fished from boaters there are many navigation and depth charts out there online; can prove very helpful. I do confess that I usually use a Deeper Sonar to map out new areas I haven't fished to get a better idea of what's down there. Reminds me, I need to use it more often when things aren't going to plan to help find the fish ! For many years I used to CC Moore baits, did some real damage with them, especially Live System. CC Moore was really the first boilie style baits I switched to when I made the transition from sweetcorn -> Tiger Nuts -> Boilies and Pop-Ups. Scopex Squid, what can I say, anything scopex based seems to do the job nicely ! When fishing Eagle Cove on the West side, heavy weeds out from about 15 yards to 30 yards, downside is, that's exactly where a lot of the carp love to hang out ! I used to get cut-off a lot at Chatfield, then switched over to more abrasion resistant lines, Korda Touchdown then Nash Bullet Mono. Did get chopped off again off the shelf a few weeks back, though that's likely as I didn't check my line for frays and nicks between casts.
  20. Thanks John. I had a good short session up at the Masey Draw area today, 5 fish out including 2 upper doubles and 3 smaller kids. Went dead about lunchtime. I must admit I normally recce things a bit better and didn't use a marker float, lazy arse that I am. That shelf thing certainly accounts for the unusually high number of cut offs I've had this week....it's been an expensive week for rig bits! I will try some of those spots you suggested and do some proper recce work this time. Thanks for the videos by the way, very helpful. That big one today fell to.....scopex squid! The rest I've been getting on CCM live system. Used to use Odyssey all the time back home as they were just down the road a bit from me. Anyway yeah love to do a session some time. Now if you'll excuse me I have a ton of rig bit orders to make lol 😂 Tight lines old chap😎
  21. Had some success this earlier year from Eagle Cove in one of the TLO Tournaments for Carp, this used to be a solid area for producing the fish. Tried a bit later Catfish Flats, that didn't go so well, should be renamed "No Fish Flats". I know a few folks tried around Masey Draw with a little success. Fox Run and other locations up the West side used to be good, haven't fished them in a while. The most success we had last year was from the East Bank, down to the south, from the North Marina. Alas now, with all the construction, getting to those spots can be challenging; they certainly didn't improve fisherman access with all their work ! If/when fishing the east side, watch out for the ledge/drop off, about 25-30 yards off the bank, goes down from about 7-9 feet of water, to 18-20 feet, the carp love to run off and over that ledge, easy to get cutoff. Kingfisher and the Paddle Board (Gravel Pits) are now open. We fished Kingfisher the other week, produced some nice fish; this used to be a solid zone for mirrors over the years. Best of luck with your endeavors out there, look forwards to seeing the results ! Ping me your email address, or drop me a note, will have to "try" to see if we can get out on the banks sometime this year ! (syndariol@gmail.com) Tight-Lines ! PS: Your fishing buddy looks great !
  22. 19lbs common.....dang I'll get a 20 if it kills me!!
  23. Thanks John Back there today. Actually not that bad, alot of boats about but that's no problem as their surf feeds the fish. Had 5 out on Wednesday but lost a few in the weed 😠 Fishing further up towards the beach area for a short session. First run was a Bass! At least I haven't blanked then😂
  24. Way to go Steve ! I love fishing Chatfield, arguably one of the best trophy carp fisheries in Colorado. So thankful the road/bridge is now open down by Kingfisher for access from West to East side. Looking forwards to them finally opening up Roxborough Cove and the new area by Plum Creek. Place can be a bit of a "zoo" though, I am amazed to see a picture without paddle boarders, kayaks of folks swimming in the background !
  25. Awesome fish! I’ve been reading your blog and really enjoy it. Dave
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