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  3. New video up super easy pack bait recipe. If you havent subscribed here is a good time to do so going to do a giveaway. Once we hit 600 subscribers will put the giveaway together and were not far off.
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  5. Yeah idk if they like it or not but after 3 trips with the pumpkin seed mix I caught this one. I also caught a little one so I can say pumpkin seeds don't turn them away.
  6. I tried them 5-6 years ago and got two nothing special. They much preferred sweet corn that day.
  7. Good video. Bet you use some strong hand soap to get that yellow dye off your hands?
  8. Hello everyone this is my newest bait making video. I changed allot of things up to try and make a better video. Whats everyones thoughts and opinions on it.
  9. Hey Tyler welcome to the site. I go by Steve_Guelph on your site. We should hit Hamilton before it freezes up.
  10. I haven't been out fishing in almost 2 weeks since this cold weather came around but you're making me want to bundle up and get out on the water... Nice job!
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  12. Ken and son, you should contact Barry Shildneck (e.g. on Facebook). He's the state chair for GA. And I believe he lives in the area you're referring to, or close. Very nice guy, always eager to help new carp anglers.
  13. If someone asks what you are doing, hopefully that will be the time you get a run. Let them reel in the carp (hope it's a carp, buff not bad) with you netting it. Place it on the mat, explaining why you have a fin-friendly net and mat. Use the weighing sling, if you have one, and show them the weight. Then challenge them to hang around and try for a new PB! Welcome to GA for your son. Used to live there.
  14. Jennifer, thanks for sharing your memories of your Uncle Bernie. I never had the pleasure or honor to meet him but all the posts show that he was well liked and respected by carp anglers here and abroad. I have the YouTube video on my viewing list.
  15. Thanks Jerome. The wheels of exploration, via Google, are in motion.
  16. Hi Jennifer, How wonderful you found these posts! Yes he was certainly quite the character and an extraordinary angler. If we can help in sharing photos or put you in contact with those who fished with him please let me know. All the best, Iain
  17. Actually, amusingly enough, a local kid who is a quite dedicated fisherman, called me the other day and asked me the very exact same question. I thought this was a brilliant idea! He went to throw a good chunk in the water, he put some in his mix, and last time I heard he was catching like crazy!
  18. Buford, Georgia => Google Maps => plenty of blue around, Lake Lanier looks impressive! Lake Lanier carp => Google search => carp are there, 30 pounders reported, bow fishing is a pain (but then it is all over southern states). Took me a whole 5 minutes to come up with the following suggestion: go at a camp site on the shore of lake Lanier. Throw a good deal of corn. Set up your rods. Wait from the comfort of your tent. Chat with people. If they bow-fish, try hard to stay polite. If it doesn't work, try the next camp site! Enjoy. PS. there are plenty of carp anglers in GA, either CAG members or former CAG members. A quick search on this forum will give you plenty of names.
  19. Hi all I'm Bernie's neice. Sat in a coffee shop over here in the UK with Bernie's elder sister, my mum. We never knew how much of an impact uncle Bernie had on people's lives and seeing this message board by chance today is truly humbling. The old photos are really something and for mum to see her brothers face after all these years is just amazing. Thank you all for your kind words. Uncle Bernie wasn't around in my life much as he lived in the USA but when he did come to visit he was such an immense personality. Mum had the pleasure of visiting him before he died and steered his boat down the St Lawrence! Once again thank you all for your messages and I hope he inspires many more fishermen and women Best, Jennifer
  20. My son recently moved to Buford, Georgia and has finally got settled in enough to start thinking about going carp fishing again. He is clueless about where to start trying. Any thoughts?
  21. That's an interesting thought. Pumpkin is one flavor I've never seen used. Ground up in a blender, pumpkin seeds should certainly taste and smell good to carp, and all that ground shell that will be there should help with the break if used in a pack. I'm going to try it. <:///><
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