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  2. Thanks I'm just in the process of tackling up and should be ready in time for the summer vacations 😁
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  4. Hey, good to hear from you! I was thinking about politics and the epic battle between Kyle and Oddball over Bush-Kerry and got curious. It's great to see the forum with traffic on it. I still fish with Saskcarp occasionally.
  5. Hi Adam, im sure i can help. What town are you residing in?
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  7. Had nearly the same experience last two nights-carp rolling, jumping all around the area i baited (and no where else i saw)-caught two channel cats and I had numerous pick-ups and short runs but no fish first night. Last night had no fish but rolling carp, jumping carp, etc. Freaked me out so much I changed hair rigs thinking I tied -em wrong!, and................nothing......very frustrating!. I went back tonight (3rd night of chumming as well) and had one hit and run and landed a 13-2! (on the same hair I had been using) and that was the only one- just before thunderstorms moved in...(though it shows it, it isn't a Big Four fish)..........that's carpin!!...
  8. If still available, I'll take the Fox Micron M+ Alarms.

  9. bait 6" under a stealthy float (quill), worked fine for me... just couldn't cast straight at 'em, or they spooked
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  11. In-fisherman and Midwest outdoors IIRC. Okay I will do that. I know another guy in upstate New York who is interested too.
  12. Indiana has a lot of carp anglers. Hopefully, someone will step up to help him get caught in the madness known as carp fishing! What magazines? May be an opportunity to have him write some articles on carp fishing. Thanks for sharing. Just thought, (scary, isn't it?), check the main CAG page and look up the contact information for the Indiana state chair.
  13. I just heard from the coordinator for the parks department. We are clear to fish and there are no activities scheduled that day.
  14. I forgot to mention that he's a writer for some magazines...
  15. A guy I follow on youtube wants to get into carp fishing. He has a good spot on a river in Indiana but doesn't know how to catch them. Any Indiana guys feel like helping him out? I'll post a link to his video the carp are at 6:15.
  16. Pair of Two (2) Fox Micron M+ Alarms w/ Hard Covers. Excellent Condition. Lightly used. Both work great. $60 Shipped. PayPal only.
  17. That’s exactly how the fish were behaving! Sucking the surface, tail slapping and jumping. I do think a fly rod would have been very effective.
  18. I was in south NJ on the Delaware river. We’ve had a really hot spring, the hatch probably happened early. How long does it last? I don’t want them to be distracted by the hatch and avoid my baits! I’m planning on baiting up with maize daily this Thursday through Sunday. Is it possible that a baiting campaign could get them feeding on the bottom again? Sorry to be long winded; I’m planning a long session next week and would love it if I didn’t blank!
  19. Good time for a fly rod! Edit- adding video. Someone had told me the name of the background music. Please answer again as I can use it for Power Point. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnIvE8o24HM&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR0ctBf3FRo-AClZcrWxWS-Dyft_9t-yPe9IaclkvMeKzWzf5myxMimJmGA
  20. I've seen that when they're surface-feeding on a hatch, or post-mating insect die-off... the only way I could get action, was to put a bait within 6" of the surface, well ahead of their predicted path seems a bit early for that, unless you were a few States south of NJ
  21. I went out fishing today for the first time this year. I had prebaited yesterday and showed up at the same time again today. Heavy storms were rolling in and the air pressure was extremely low, 29.3! I was very confident in catching fish: Overcast skies, light rain on a quiet shallow bay isolated from the main river current... sounds perfect, right? Not only did I end in a blank, but the most confusing part was that the carp were showing all over my swim near the surface. They weren’t spawning, as water temps are only 55F, but they were jumping often and their tails were sticking out of the water that was deep enough for them to avoid it. They seemed active but were not feeding (at least, not on my rigs ) . Any ideas as to why they may have behaved like this? I normally observe this sort of thing on a high pressure front, on a cloudless and hot sunny day. Maybe a zig would have worked?
  22. James weadon


    Hi I am looking for a carp pay lake near me I live in Myrtle beach sc having to drive 4 hours to get to lake anyone out there know anywhere closer to me
  23. Open to all. Fish in at 256 norrie point way staatsburg ny. Starting at 8am till 12noon or sunset when the park closes. For more information you leave messages here or events in CAG Facebook. Saturday April 27th.
  24. Nice fish & in looks to be great shape too!
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