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  2. Dave Pickering, imhooked2000@cox.net

  3. Great job, everyone. Very well run event. Thanks especially to Jerome for all his efforts on the ever changing leaderboard.
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  5. Congratulations to Ian Tallack, Ryan and Adam. This was a great competition, was fun to participate Tim
  6. Want to add my congratulations to everyone and especially my fishing partner and Spring Big 4 champion Ian Tallack who was slaying the 30s like I've never seen! Couldn't happen to a better guy and as fine a fishing partner as anyone could ask for. Congrats Ian!
  7. Hi Ian;

    Here's my info as requested: Blayne Beeler Email: lizard_kingbb@hotmail.com


  8. Congratulations to all winners! It was a lot of fun.
  9. Congratulations to all who participated and great fishing to the winners. Maybe I'll get to fish the Fall Big 4.
  10. I'll be the second to say congratulations to the winners, and everyone who 'made the board'. It was a very interesting competition. That was a lot of big fish caught and some great fishing. And, hands down, you decidedly humbled the majority of us.
  11. Congrats to all winners! It was quite the nail biter, with the order of the top scorers changing until the very last minute!
  12. Congratulations to the Winners of the 2021 Spring Big 4! Winners - Please Read! - The Top Ten Ranked places will receive Credit to their Big Carp Tackle Accounts for the amounts shown. Please send me a PM with your name and the email linked to your BCT Account so we can make sure the credit is applied correctly. - Big Fish Winners will received a voucher to use with Orient Tackle. - Photo Plaque Winners for both Regional Winners AND Big Fish Winners please send me you Name and Mailing Address in a PM. We will make up plaques based on the fish photo highlighted in gre
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  14. Digital Camo Hat fully adjustable

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  16. 2021 CCC Awards The awards will be consistent with the CCC tradition: - The North American Champion trophy will be awarded to the angler with the four fish with the greatest total weight (big 4) - Additional trophies will be given to each section winner (big 4). In case of ties, see the rules in the previous post. - The North Amerian Carp King Jeweled Belt Buckle will be awarded to the angler catching the single heaviest carp. In addition, we will have Special Awards for the angler landing the First Fish, and for the angler catching the Biggest Combi
  17. 2021 CCC RULES As a minimum there shall be prizes for the Biggest Carp, and Biggest 4 Carp (total weight of 4 biggest carp caught by angler). Additional Prizes for Total Overall Weight, Section Winners, First Fish, Smallest Fish and Biggest Mirror are also being planned. Carp King Belt Buckle awarded for the capture of the Biggest Carp North American Champion Trophy awarded to Biggest 4 Carp 1.The Peg Draw shall start no later than 7:00 am on Saturday morning (Anglers who are arriving early in the morning must register and have their scales checked before 6:30am), wi
  18. 2021 CCC Schedule Saturday September 25th Location: Hudson River, NY Peg Locations*: Coxsackie Riverside Park, Dutchmans Landing & Catskill Point Friday Sept 24 2021 Meet and Greet: At the Pegasus Restaurant from 5:00 pm A Bar-B-Que will be available in the parking lot 4pm-8pm at the smoker !!!! Saturday Sept 25 2021: 7:00am - Peg draw @ Chrissy's Diner (details below) 8:00am - 4:00pm - CCC Fishing 6:00pm - Dinner 7:30pm - Awards, Prize Giving & Raffle The Dinner and Awards will be held at the Pegasu
  19. Very cool fish and very cool story!
  20. What are the chances of that happening?!! It can be a small world sometimes. Nice story and congratulations on your koi. (And thanks to you the kid doesn't have to hit his father up for another carp hook).
  21. I was fishing at Lewisville Lake in TX this weekend and caught this BEAUTIFUL 10lb koi! This is, by far, the most wonderful fish I’ve ever caught. When I removed my hook, I saw it had another hook in the other side of its mouth. So I removed it at well prior to releasing this wonderful fish back into the lake. I examined the other hook I’d removed and noted it was a nice, new hook designed for carp, so I stuck it in my tackle box. About an hour later, a man and his 10 year old son who are “regulars” fishing the same venue came up to me, and the father asked,” I heard you caught an
  22. I'm glad to see the Mohawk finally got an honorable mention here, even though it it just the butt end of the fish, lol.
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