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  1. Vali call when you have a chance


    Bob 315 323-4632

  2. Hi Willem

    Can you please vote on Larry when your free today. Also we will need to remove Steve Conger from the Bod he is stepping down.



  3. Dean Wow! Great job once again. I have shown the NACA to officials in NY and they are very impressed with your efforts! I don't think we say thank you enough for the hours of work you donate to CAG! THANK YOU!
  4. Please go to vote on CCC Thread. Thanks

  5. I enjoyed every page. Great Job Dean!!
  6. They just keep getting better! I heard great feedback from the State Officials that reviewed it! Great Job
  7. Dean I loved the NACA. It was a great read from the start to the finish. CAG as a group needs to understand that there is strength in numbers. We need to join with carp anglers from around the world to demonstrate to our state leaders that carp fishing is a global sport and that our sport can and does bring anglers from around the globe to fish our waters. That is the only way we will ever get protection and recognition for carp in our country. Please keep in mind that we have members in our group from many areas outside of the USA. Those covers will help attract other carp anglers and carp sponsors from around the world. The NACA is and always will be about North American carp fishing first, these covers and stories from abroad just add a little flair to the coverage of our sport. Great Job AF Bob
  8. They will update the list as we get a little closer to the event. You are on the list
  9. Roger I got your call. Can you please call me back my cell plan wont let me call Canada.

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