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  1. As many of us are stuck inside and not fishing as much, if at all I thought I'd see if we could get a few extra articles for the next printed NACA, that I'm currently working on. The topic is: 'Greatest Catches' This could be your PB or a capture that stands out for other reasons. As an example articles are 1000-3000 words long with 6-12 pictures. Please send any articles to naca@carpanglersgroup.com Based on the quality or space we have in the magazine your article will either be in the printed edition or the next online edition. Any questions please let me know. Get reminiscing and sending in your articles Dean
  2. Please check your address is correct and updated on the member info. section. Just checked on the mailing list and the address we had on file was in Ludlow, not Chicopee. If you have moved please update and let me know and we'll get a copy mailed to you separately. Dean
  3. The 25th Year Anniversary edition has been printed and processed at the mailing house. All current members should start to see the magazine show up over the next week or so, with a 25 year pin included. Please feel free to let us know on this thread when you get the magazine, along with any comments. Thanks, Dean
  4. If you can get me any material (article or pictures) for January 15th I'll consider it for the next edition. I plan to have the printed edition out prior to the spring and then a follow-up online edition by May. Dean
  5. Although it's not been announced officially, I will be stepping back into the role as Editor of NACA. Iain Sorrell is working on an online Edition at the moment but I will also be working on a 'Special Printed Edition' to mark CAG's 25 Year Anniversary. I would like to include a section on the history of CAG so will be looking for the following: Years 1 -5 - Stories, pictures and any other information on the first few years of CAG's history Years 5-10, Years 10-15, Years 15-20, Years 20-25 - Stories, pictures, history of any and all of these years. Please reach out to me with stories (could be fish-in's, competitions, etc), pictures, and any information, large or small as I'd really like this to be comprehensive and not miss anyone out. I'll be reaching out to some of the long term members specifically, but if anyone has any of the above please send to: naca@carpanglersgroup.com Thanks for everyone's help. Dean
  6. Magazines are printed and have been mailed. Sometimes takes longer to reach certain areas of the country but keep a look out in the mail over the next 2 weeks. Hope everyone enjoys the edition. Dean
  7. COMING SOON!! This years printed edition is on it's way and hoping to have it in the mail in the next week or so. Please make sure you update your membership mailing address if it has changed as once I get the list from Willem this is what I will be working off. Thanks, Dean
  8. Guys, It's taken longer than I would have liked but here's NACA Q2: http://issuu.com/northamericancarpangler/docs/naca_2016_q2 It will also be uploaded onto the CAG Servers. Thanks, Dean
  9. Hi,

    I am a brand new member of CAG; just started carp fishing the end of June and have been very successful. I have started assembling the equipment (proper net, unhooking matt, sling, etc. and tying my own hair rigs. I noted some contests sponsored by CAG, but don't see registration for a Fall 2016 Big 4 CAG event- is there one? I may submit a discovery month article, but Im not familiar with all the proper terms used, i.e. what is a "swim", a "run", etc......I can be a big promoter of CAG; I am very impressed with the level of expertise, care and professionalism demonstrated by the members. Any additional information you can provide would be appreciated!....thanks!   Kirk

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    2. Brookesy


      Discovery Month is free. Just go out and fish a new area (a swim is a fishing 'spot', honey hole, whatever phrase you prefer) and then write about your experiences. Post the write-up in the Discovery Month section and we then vote on them after the contest finishes.

      CAG Fall Big 4 commences on October 1st and I'll have all of the registration details and links posted a day or so before. It runs Oct. 1st to Nov, 15th so plenty of time to get out and catch.

      Welcome to CAG and good luck.


    3. (MO) MOCarper

      (MO) MOCarper

      Thank you all!- what a first class organization!!...The welcome packet, including a first-class magazine is impressive!.The care afforded the landing, weighing and returning the fish to the water is truly impressive; (and thanks Willem for the tips!). I have implemented those methods in my pursuits.....While I am a consummate angler of all species, I have to say a creek-caught carp is the hardest fighting fish I have encountered (and that's up against pike, musky, bowfin, ocean bluefish, stripers, and even lake-caught carp like my avatar!....That one was 38" and 22lbs, but this one caught from a creek last week was 30" and 16lbs and took longer to land!!....what a fish!..I look forward to learning from you all, refining my techniques and entering the contests!!.... please let me know how I can help the organization!-it doesn't appear there are many carp fisherpeople here in Kansas City-is there a list somewhere?...sorry for all the questions, just youthful enthusiasm!!...(and somehow can't get the pics to line up correctly in the post... :(.....


    4. (MO) MOCarper

      (MO) MOCarper

      Ok......so I looked at the CAG registration and my Adobe acrobat says the leadershipboard. com isn't supported and will not download......how do I register for the CAG big 4 then?............thanks!!      Kirk

  10. It's with a certain measure of sadness that I have taken the decision to step down as NACA Editor In Chief. Unfortunately, after a little over 2 years work and family commitments are now at a level where I can no longer find time to fulfill the role. In the past my job has been more flexible and it has allowed me enough time to put the time and effort that NACA deserves. Hopefully, I've done a decent job with the Editions I've overseen. I've been very lucky to have Sal on board as well, and also a great list of contributors. I'm working on getting NACA 2016 Q2 put together in the next month, so with any luck there will be someone out there who wants to take up the reigns and move NACA forward. The parameters are all in place; with NACA online via ISSUU. Sal, as mentioned is still on board and I am more than willing to help with questions or information for anyone who is interested in the role; such as overview, timelines, process etc. Here are some of the responsibilities: Theme and Overview of each Edition (I aim for 80-130 pages per Online Edition) Securing articles and material (Via CAG and requests) Editing Articles and Pictures (into a format Sal can work with) Coordinating with Sal on material Coordinating with Sal on final NACA and Editing/changes Posting links, pictures and information on social media Coordinating Yearly Printed Edition (printing and mailing contacts are all in place) I'm sure there are a few other things included, but PLEASE DO NOT BE PUT OFF by the responsibilities. If you have the passion you can drive the magazine forward in the direction YOU wish it to go. It is a lot of work but it is VERY rewarding to see the final product. Again, if anyone is interested please let myself or the BOD know and I'll help in anyway I can. Brookesy (Dean)
  11. Here are all of the links for the latest NACA. Hope you all enjoy the magazine. ISSUU http://issuu.com/northamericancarpangler/docs/2016nacaq1-issuu?workerAddress=ec2-54-83-157-130.compute-1.amazonaws.com Virtual Mag http://carpanglersgroup.com/naca/2016Q1NACA/ i devices (iBook) http://carpanglersgroup.com/naca/2016Q1NACA/2016NACAQ1.epub
  12. Just click on ACTIVITY As Willem stated, this was not a choice. Thanks to Willem who is spending a considerable amount of his own time completing all of these updates.
  13. Thanks MeshuggahCarp. I'm lucky that I get to fish for lots of great looking mirrors.
  14. We had a one off edition 2 winters ago but moving forward we will do a yearly printed edition each winter. They were mailed out a week ago via bulk mail and should be arriving over the next few days to current members
  15. It was mailed to all current members as of the date I sent the list to the mailing house. As long as your membership was not expired you should get a copy. If there was a slight gap (less than a month) in your membership I am sure we can send you out a copy. If you don't see it by early next week just email cagstaff@carpanglersgroup.com and we'll get one out to you.
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