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  1. We need to keep it simple maybe 4-5 pages? Brief tips and stories
  2. It is a membership perk and helps get new members!
  3. Now we are rolling all good stuff. Read it, Enjoy it and pass it on!
  4. Hello All I have been getting a lot of feedback about restarting a quarterly printed news letter. We are looking for someone who may want to help put it together. Here is a basic template we are looking at. President Welcome Ed's Corner (Ed Wagner Carp Stories) Local Fish-Ins/Events Listing (From State Chairs) CAG Store Specials (Barry Howard) Quarterly Bait/Rig Tip (For All Types Waters) Blast From the Past (Repost old NACA Stories) Trophy Room Any other ideas? This news letter could be mailed to our membership. Please give me a call if you would like to help produce the letter. Thanks AF Bob (315) 323-4632
  5. Please help me welcome Barry Howard . He is our newest Director on the CAG BOD. He has great things planed for the CAG Store. I can't wait to see the new items he will be putting on our shelves. Thanks AF Bob
  6. Please start making plans to attend the 2015 CCC. We have chosen Lake Storey in Galesburg Illinois. This looks like a great venue and the town is very excited to have CAG hosting an event there. Thanks to our hosts Bill Hodge, Chad Bettisch, and Brad Gant. I look forward to attending this event. AF Bob
  7. Please help me in welcoming our new SC State Chair. Evan Cartabiano I know he will be hosting some great events in the warm south. Congrats! AF Bob
  8. 3 More Day for CCC sites. Please get them to me by close of business on the 13th. Thanks AF Bob
  9. Dean I loved the NACA. It was a great read from the start to the finish. CAG as a group needs to understand that there is strength in numbers. We need to join with carp anglers from around the world to demonstrate to our state leaders that carp fishing is a global sport and that our sport can and does bring anglers from around the globe to fish our waters. That is the only way we will ever get protection and recognition for carp in our country. Please keep in mind that we have members in our group from many areas outside of the USA. Those covers will help attract other carp anglers and carp sponsors from around the world. The NACA is and always will be about North American carp fishing first, these covers and stories from abroad just add a little flair to the coverage of our sport. Great Job AF Bob
  10. Andy You will always be welcome at my house. I think you will enjoy a long session on the St Lawrence
  11. Since 2005 Andy has worked to improve our organization. He has held many roles and helped numerous anglers across the country. He will be missed on the BOD but I know we all wish him the best as he starts a new path in his life. I'm sure we will see great things in his home state and maybe we will get the chance to fish with some of his new home made baits! Good Luck From All Of Us. AF Bob
  12. Site 1 Letter of intent to host the 2015 CCC. Myself, Chad Bettisch, and Brad Gant are offering to host this years CCC. We have chosen Lake Storey in Galesburg Illinois. This lake has 5.8 miles of shoreline and 133 surface acres of water. There is a campground on the lake with 157 campsites. The lake is 1 mile out of Galesburg where there is great shopping and hotels. By being the organizers we will get deals on hotel rooms, reserve a banquet location, welcoming party location, and a venue for fishing on Friday before the CCC. We will locate and mark all swims for the event. At our fish-in last fall the big carp of the event was 41 pounds. This lake has good numbers of large carp. Thank You Bill Hodge Illinois Chairman
  13. The CAG BOD is currently looking for new host sites for the CCC. Anyone that wishes to host this prestigious event should submit a letter of intent to me. I would like to have all letters NLT Feb 13, 2015 Requirements: 1: A proven water to catch carp from 2: Names and contact info for all event hosts 3: Minimum bank space to host 40-50 anglers 4: Near by Lodging 5: A host meet and greet establishment within 5 miles of the event 6: A host meeting room for CAG Business within 5 miles of the event and must serve/provide dinner 7: T-Shirts for the event 8: Camp grounds near the event (helpful) CAG will pay for the dinner, insurance and toilets if needed. We will also provide the Trophy and Belt Buckle. All letters will be posted in Public Announcements Area. The BOD will review all host site letters and select a host for 2015. Selection will be on Feb 18, 2015 Thanks AF Bob
  14. Our BOD has put together this list of goals to strive for in the New Year. I will keep our membership updated as we work to achieve these goals. It will take all of us working together as a team to make these things happen. Here's to a great new year of fishing with family and friends! AF Bob CAG 2015 Goals 1: Work to get carp recognized as a sport fish 2: Host CAG Regional Events in (North, South, East and West Regions) 3: Host additional Junior Fishing Events across USA 4: Improve communication and support for our State Chairs 5: Setting a Club financial budget for 2015 that allows us to achieve our goals 6: Increase our current membership numbers 7: Keep our membership updated on our progress and decisions made 8: Expand sponsor relations and participation Thanks AF Bob
  15. I just wanted to publicly thank Dan for all of all his hard work as our Secretary. I wish him the best in 2015. I hope he will use his new free time to catch trophy fish with his family and friends. Our Group is a better place because of your efforts. Thanks Again AF Bob
  16. Hello All Please help me welcome Barry Howard as our new CAG Store Manager. Barry has years of experience selling on line and he has exciting plans to revamp the store. Please Let Barry know, what you would like to see in our store. His focus will be on quality goods and outstanding customer support! Thanks AF Bob
  17. Hello All Please help me welcome Lisa Rowe as our new Marketing/Membership Director. She has taken on one of our most demanding jobs on the BOD. I'm confident she will make great things happen for CAG in 2015! Thanks AF Bob
  18. Hello All, Please help me welcome our New Director of State Chairs Steve Conger. He is a great addition to the BOD and he is excited to work with our State Chairs. Thanks AF Bob
  19. Hello Do you have a little free time on your hands? Do you like using the PC, would you like to help CAG generate funds and help fellow members? If your answer is yes, please contact me about our CAG Store. We have big plans for it and we are looking for a motivated manager. Thanks AF Bob (315) 323-4632 barrongd@aol.com
  20. I just wanted to publicly thank Ed Wagner for all his hard work as a member of the CAG BOD. His efforts help filled many vacant seats on our State Chair list and he also help me step up to the plate as CAG's President. Ed will now focus his efforts as the New York State Chair. I'm sure he already planning great future events. Thanks Again AF Bob
  21. Congratulations to Greg Conger our new Northern New York State Chair! Thanks For Stepping Up To The Plate AF Bob
  22. Congratulations to Frank Bateman our new CAG Secretary! Welcome on board. Thanks AF Bob
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