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  1. I might give a 3 piece rod a shot. Was always worried about the integrity of a 3 piece rod. 99% of my rods are 2 piece so maybe I just need to get over it 😅. I always wanted to get a telescopic Daiwa for traveling given that I've had great experience with Daiwa tenkara poles but something about a telescopic regular fishing pole gives me the heebie-jeebies.
  2. Folks, Had a quick question about a very specific piece of carp tackle. I'm looking for a Chub Outkast Stalker 6 ft. 2 piece rod. Any ideas as to where I can order it from other than harrissportsmail. Just wanted something compact for a change that I can travel with. Taking my 10 footers everywhere if not that fun 😋.
  3. Thanks for the welcomes folks! Ty for the facebook links, will join soon! Yes, I'm in the twin cities area, in the vicinity of Woodbury so Mississippi ends up being a prime target, especially since you never know what you'll get :). Makes me sad to hear about Canon river, the park is beautiful and served as a lovely place to fish till a few years ago, I think last year there was a Koi virus as well that killed a lot of carp in Cannon/Lake Byllesby. I think I'll try King's Power plant and some spots on Snake river this time around! In the past I've fished in India/Germany/NY/Washington ( I certainly miss Niagara Falls, NY fishing due to salmon runs!). Saw a couple of people fish for it at Elmo but never took my carp tackle there, maybe I should! Anywho! Can't wait for spring :D!
  4. Stumbled upon these forums while searching for something and am fairly surprised. Always felt like the lone carp fisherman in most of Minnesota, so this is rather pleasant. I mostly fish the Mississippi due to proximity to home. I do tenkara fishing when I get time. My 14 footer with a 6.6 hp engine is too weak for the river so I hardly use it. Scope of where I fish is limited to St.Croix, Minnesota river, Canon river(horrid luck there last year, including lake Byllesby, it's as if someone fished the bloody place out) and good ol' Mississippi. I mostly fish for carp and cats where I can and I usually practice catch and release(nobody can say no to a couple of rainbows or crappies). Regardless, good to be here! Hoping I can find some new spots (especially looking to find a place where I can catch buffalo!) and share some experiences of my own. Cheers- T
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