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  1. Yeah idk if they like it or not but after 3 trips with the pumpkin seed mix I caught this one. I also caught a little one so I can say pumpkin seeds don't turn them away.
  2. It being pumpkin carving season I have lots of them is an understatement. Has anyone ever used them or put them in a mix? I'm thinking of throwing them in a blender then adding them to a mix.
  3. TY. I thought it might be something that took a few days to do but I just needed to know if it was me doing something wrong.
  4. Just loaded another and the same no pic shows.
  5. Yes, it only posted the weight though.
  6. Do we still need to email the pics? I emailed mine but don't see it???
  7. So to the point that Clay is making. How do they prove they are in fact using a tripod, weigh bar(I use) or weight crook? Should these be included in the photo? I personaly like the system as is and lets have trust that people are honest.....right?
  8. No, it means after the first 72 hours only printed copies are valid. You can print it the 1st day but a lot of fishermen are on the bank asap to max out their time, so they wouldnt have access to a printer.
  9. Go with Supersweet corn and try different markets until you find the brand with the biggest kernels. I've found supersweet stays on better than the salted corn. Summer is the time for pesty fish and turtles which could be your case but if your losing bait without hearing the alarm then its coming of when it hits the water on a cast. This time of year its best to go with a combo of fake and sweet corn or maize to deal with the pest. Tight lines!
  10. Who's watching? Haha. Not sure if this is legal but my town wants fishermen to leave carp out to die. This pond is in fact loaded with commons. Due to the water being polluted last year a lifeguard came up to me and asked if I catch a carp to leave it out the water to die , I kindly said "I wont do that its my favorite fish to catch but if its pollution the town cares about then maybe they should do something about the 200 Canadian geese out in the middle of the water".
  11. Jeeeeeziz! OH MY! Congrats man. Fish of a lifetime for sure. I cant get over that picture. 😆
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