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  1. Need my fishing fix is my YouTube channel, I just started as I always thought I was alone fishing for the queen of the lake. I have been here in Utah fishing for carp for a little bit. But there is a huge stigma that surrounds this beautiful fish. I joined CAG in the hopes of finding more cart fisherman like myself in Utah. I have dedicated a YouTube channel to fishing in Utah for these beautiful fish. People think I'm crazy, but clearly I'm not the only one in the United States fishing 4 something that fights as hard as a saltwater fish. If you live in Utah join my channel send comments help me squash the stigma. I am not doing this to make money off of YouTube as I am not monetized. I just would love to see more carp fisherman out there and I would love to change the rules in Utah regarding pack bait feeder tackle and anything else they consider chumming.
  2. I may be new joining you guys here but that's because I thought I was alone fishing for carp. I live in Utah where carp are seen as a trash fish. Never have I fought a fish so hard in my life as when I started taking up carp fishing. I created a YouTube channel to help change the stigma at least that is my hope. Everyone here that fishes for carp in Utah join me on my channel which is fairly new right now. I am asking for this not for the views or subscribers but more so that people like you and me in utah don't feel so alone in our favorite fish. Comment to my videos. Need my fishing fix on YouTube
  3. I wish there was more carp fishermen here in utah. I just started my YouTube channel in hopes to make quality content to help further more carp fisherman and to change the stigma that Utah has for them. Even though I'm brand new here I have been fishing for carp for a while now and wish that certain rules would change to make it more successful fishing for carp. Specifically using pack baits and feed her tackle which Utah finds a legal and I created a YouTube video specifically for.
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