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  1. Both myself and Jesse will be arranging some fish in's for 2020. Jesse will be organizing the first one of the year. Check in to this thread for dates, locations, etc.
  2. Ontario members (actually, this is for everyone). Please come and join the CAG Ontario Facebook Group. With members fast approaching 100 - not bad for it being 3 weeks old - there is already a massive amount of local knowledge and carp fishing knowledge there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/cagontario/
  3. Dear all Back in the early 90's, before the internet and all that comes with that. Before podcasts, vblogs, and lord knows what else, there was a UK TV show called A Passion For Angling. Hosted by two of the finest anglers known to mankind - Chris Yates and Bob James. Legends in their own right. Please watch this episode. It is simply magical. Ok, so the quality isn't the best, but remember ... it was early 90's. If I find a better stream I will share that, but in the meantime ... Click here - Redmire Legends Edit: There are no drones, no advertising, no ... you get it.
  4. Woah! Congratulations Amy. CAG has just gained one of the best.
  5. As the newly voted in Chair for Ontario, I have set up a Facebook Group for CAG Ontario. Would you please be kind enough to join the group? Any Canadian Carpers ... Please do join. Many thanks https://www.facebook.com/groups/cagontario/
  6. Thank you for the vote! I'm looking forward to the challenge.
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