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  1. Thank You for your generous donation Munenori. We are now up to $184
  2. Ahh, the story behind the pic... Thanks for sharing and glad everything worked out!!
  3. Other than of course the calendar section, you have 2 recipe pages, the big fish submissions from last year, a history of National events written by Jerome, Sponsors page and a few other tid bits. Here is a sample of one of the pages:
  4. Thank you once again for helping us out with the zip codes and dates your calendar arrived. Much appreciated. For any member that signed up before December 1st, 2011 and has not recieved their calendar, please contact me via PM with your shipping address and full name. For anyone wanting an extra copy, we are asking for a donation to be made either in your "client area" of your profile or you may send a money order/check to me. These donations will be put towards the budget for a similar project this year. At this point, we have recieved $145.00 in donations and the club thanks each and every one of you. Tight lines, Andy
  5. Hello Eddie, I have replied to the PM sent from Trina. Yes, all members before the cutoff date of December 1st are to recieve one. Any member signed up between Dec. 1st - Today would not have been on the mailing list and would not recieve a 2012 calendar. They would however be on the mailing list for whatever the club decides to do later this year. If anyone who is not a member or a member that signed up after December 1st and would like a calendar, simply make a donation to CAG and I'll have one sent out to ya. Tight lines, Andy
  6. Thank You for your generous donation Marius Albota We are up to $145.00 and counting
  7. Thanks Rick, Was planning on bringing a few down. Thank You Marius, Please PM me your shipping address
  8. Thank You for your generous donation Dr. Rink We are up to $105.00 and counting
  9. Thank You Larry & Teo and thank you Mrs. Ostrowski for your donations thus far. $55 and counting...
  10. Hello Tom and Happy New Year. Hope all is going well and good for you. If you are a member who has not recieved your Calendar by Friday, January 13th please pm me and I will send you one out.
  11. Hello All, For anyone wanting an extra Calendar or if you are a forum guest wanting a calendar, we have extras. I've been asked many times what the cost will be on these and I have decided to simply ask for a donation in exchange. Please pm me your full name and shipping address and i'll send you out one. Donations can be made via Paypal in your "client area" or our paypal address is: customerservice@carpanglersgroup.com or you can cut a check out to Carp Anglers Group and have it sent to me. These donations will go towards a similar project for this year so the more your donation is the bigger our budget for the project. I will also update this thread with a total amount raised in donations and give a shout out to all whom participate. Thank you, Andy
  12. Payment recieved, Thank you Larry and Teo
  13. Thank you all for helping me out with your information, much appreciated I wish all of you a Happy New Year and for those of you participating in the FFF....GOOD LUCK!!
  14. Appreciate that Frank, Without your Hard work and dedication the vision would have been just that...so Thank you for teaming up and making it happen for all CAG members to enjoy and hopefully see again in 2012. Tight lines, Andy
  15. Please take a sec and let us know when you recieve yours and provide a zipcode. http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=46940&pid=610218&st=0entry610218 Merry Christmas and tight lines, Andy
  16. Hello All, Your NACA calendar is coming in the mail soon, if not already in your hands. Please take a sec and let us know when you recieve yours and provide a zip code. Thank You, Andy
  17. More and more content is being submitted, thank you all very much. If you have not already done so please take a moment and send in something. Only a few short weeks left before we wrap up and get this project sent to the printer.
  18. Would love to have some items from ya We aiming to have this project wrapped up by the last week in November.
  19. Snow/winter pics, fall pics, spring pics, summer pics Discovery months pics... Keep the submissions coming in
  20. Thank you all for your recipe and picture submissions thus far. Some great content coming together. If you have not already submitted anything please consider doing so as soon as possible. Many thanks, Andy
  21. Hello Rod, Hope everything is going well and good for you. This request can be put anywhere on this forum that is paid for by members. Every member that is on the mailing list Dec. 1st will recieve one. Still time...
  22. Hello All, The NACA Calendar project is underway and we would like for you to submit the following as soon as possible: Your favotite carp bait recipe you would like to share with other CAG members. Photo of your most memorable carp catch, venue, bait pic, gear set up. Photo of your 2011 CAG State Record Please send all content to: naca@carpanglersgroup.com Please provide your full name with your submissions.
  23. Hello, When the individuals that paid for the limited time 5 year memberships did so through the CAG store there was a clear disclaimer stating that the NACA was not guaranteed. Since the club has rebounded nicely this year all Full Membership CAG members will recieve a 2012 NACA Calendar (if it passes the vote next week) timed for this Christmas. The budget for next year at the current membership numbers we have will have an annual publication project within the budget. Hope that helped answer the question and BTW...you've posted up some great vids and topics lately
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