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  1. Taken care of. Good luck to u.
  2. Well i took your word on it, and already received some items from him. I ordered and the next day i had products in the mail. Have yet to open or try them out yet. Im am trying hard to make EH. Cant wait to see what these baits are all about.
  3. Really? Wow, might have to try them out, i trust tribals words but, seeing is believing
  4. I so badly want to try them out, but have no confidence in boilles
  5. I show 0 warning points, in the future please take this to pm's
  6. Larry, my point was this, saying that cag or carp anglers are the common denominator isnt a good saying seeing as we r all on a carp website therefore we are all into the same thing. For example, i was heavy on another forum about a year ago who also thought it was funny that many of the people on that site had issues with cc fraud, well the culprit had nothing at all to do with that site. My thoughts are actually looking outside of the carp world. For me, i dont look at this as a carp thing. We r only,common because of the site we freaquent.
  7. We (carp anglers) are the common denominator because we are on a carp fishing forum. If this was basketweaving.com than the common denominator would be different
  8. Neil, did u order from resistance, that is the one common denominator from what i have read. Let me say this, has anyone been hacked and NOT order from them
  9. Ditto what tribal said....that is a bada$$ rod
  10. prob pc related. try again in a bit after restarting your computer. contact me if it doesnt work
  11. here is one of my son. we were actually fishing for carp and he was using corn on his hook and free lining it. this bass hit while the hook was sinking. it flipped just as I was taking the picture. And then me and my only grasser
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