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  1. Thought you'd like to see a bit of banter about carp vs. bass. Carp vs. Bass Article or, http://www.lakenewsonline.com/newsnow/x1217537936/Taylor-column-Bits-pieces-about-fishing
  2. David is on the St. Lawrence River this week re-evaluating peg locations. Things are shaping up very nicely!!!
  3. We've had inquiries about corn for the CAWC. Here are two options - Agway, Ogdensburg – Sally 315-393-0245 (she’ll ask for a credit card to hold the order) Tractor Supply, Massena – Jeff 315-764-4071 (is planning on ordering a couple pallets, but will take a list of anglers)
  4. The Akwesasne Mohawk Casino will be the venue for the awards ceremony on September 30th for the CAWC. We promise an exciting evening courtesy of CARPTS and AMC. The casino is known for their warm hospitality and fun gaming with over 1600 slots, table games plus four restaurants and bars. Check them out at Akwesasne Mohawk Casino
  5. ICFA USA Congratulations to Iain Sorrell for entering his 43 lb. 04 oz. St. Lawrence common into the New York record books for the International Carp Fishing - USA. Iain captured this amazing fish on June 11th while visiting the St. Lawrence Experience near Waddington NY. ICFA - USA state records will be sent to the International Carp Fishing Association in London at the end of each year for recognition and consideration to qualify among the ICFA's official worldwide records. Excellent fish, Iain!!!
  6. Ray Scott Bass Retreat In the mail today was a large packet from Ray Scott Outdoors which included some goodies for the CAWC. Among them is his personal prize offer for the CAWC first-place pair which is a 3-night, 2-day fishing trip to the Ray Scott Trophy Bass Retreat near Montgomery, Alabama. Ray's lake was named the "Best Bass Lake" in America by Outdoor Life magazine. This package has a value of $3,500!!! He's planning on being at the awards ceremonies so he can hand this prize over in person!!!
  7. Hi, Everyone - Our amazing webmaster has been working hard on updates to our website in anticipation of the CAWC. We're only 100 days away. Hope you enjoy seeing our new leaderboard, home page and translator option. CARP Tournament Series We're still accepting registrations, too. PM if you have any questions, please.
  8. Hi, Everyone -- While you're out there fishing this summer and fall, think about if you know a college student studying fisheries management, fisheries biology or related studies, please encourage them to send their application for the CARP Tournament Series' annual book scholarship awarded in honor of our great friend Al Kowaleski. The scholarship will be awarded in late January 2012. Deadline is 12/31/11 - see this link for details: Al Kowaleski Memorial Scholarship PM with any questions, if you'd like. The 2009 recipient was Karen Howland of Binghamton NY, carp angler and veterinarian student. The 2010 recipient was Jevonnah Foster of Odgensburg NY, carp angler and student of environmental conservation. Thank you to those who have supported this scholarship through your team registrations and private donations. Kathy
  9. We have a Brit looking for a partner. PM me, please, if you're interested.
  10. This may be of interest from Bass Angler Magazine. Bass Angler Magazine
  11. Here is the ICFA-USA press release announcing Mihai Aciu's awesome capture in Austin. Mihai has submitted the first-ever record which is eligible for entry at the end of the year in the ICFA's official records. Congratulations, Mihai - groundbreaking for the United States to be recognized in the global carp angling community this way. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mihai Aciu of Chicago, one of America’s leading carp anglers, has recorded a 39 lb. 14 oz. Texas carp with the International Carp Fishing Association – USA. The Romania-native captured the common carp on Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin in late March. 2011 is the inaugural year for keeping American records for the Europe-based ICFA, and the Texas record is the first for ICFA-USA. The International Carp Fishing Association is headquartered in London, England and is under the direction of well-known British carp angler Rob Hughes. Hughes founded ICFA in 2004 with a trusted like-thinking group of world-class carp anglers from across the globe. That assemblage of anglers formed the association’s executive representatives which includes Oklahoman David Moore who represents the United States. The not-for-profit organization’s mission is to support and promote catch-and-release fishing for the common carp around the world. In an effort to expand ICFA’s world-wide record keeping for the common carp beyond Europe, ICFA-USA was created. ICFA-USA will submit American records for each State to the ICFA’s centralized official records at the end of each year. “Having our first U.S. official ICFA record on the books is tremendously significant for carp fishing in America”, says David Moore. “While carp fishing around the world is considered a primary outdoor sport, we’ve known the American carp angling scene has plenty of potential. Now that we’ll have American anglers credited for their accomplishments in a global arena, a new door has opened. We’re thrilled that Mihai Aciu is the first to step through that door and make him eligible for global recognition.” “Mihai is a skilled angler who is well-respected among his peers. He fishes competitively around the U.S. and has won several big-money tournaments with his fishing partner Bogdan Bucur. The pair will be competing in the elite Carp Angling World Championship on the St. Lawrence River in September.” About ICFA-USA and detailed American records can be viewed on the ICFA-USA website www.internationalcarpfishingassociation.com # # # The International Carp Fishing Association (ICFA) is a Europe-based organization comprised of dedicated carp anglers who support and promote carp angling on a global basis. Carp fishing is one of the most popular disciplines of freshwater angling in the world. ICFA’s mission is to protect and support the sport for the future.
  12. We've had a request from an experienced competitive angler from Wales who is living in the U.S. and is looking for a partner for the CAWC. If you'd like to be connected, please send us a PM.
  13. We're six months away, and we thought we'd post some updates for the CAWC. 1. The majority of the International Carp Fishing Association (ICFA) delegates allocations are in, and the “Wild Card” entries are now open to anyone who would like to compete in the Carp Angling World Championship. So far anglers from Canada, the Channel Islands, Greece, the Czech Republic, England, France, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, the Ukraine plus over 14 American states and territories have pre-registered so far to make this a truly global competition. “Wild Cards” should register right away – registrations will be accepted until whichever comes first – July 31, 2011 or the maximum number of pairs is met. Click here to register - CAWC Registration Click here to preview the leader board - Early Entries - CAWC Leader Board 2. Major sponsor Nash Tackle and Nash Baits has made an exclusive arrangement through CAWC retailer Big Carp Tackle for CAWC's competitor tackle and baits in September. You can rent or purchase brand new factory direct to the CAWC - bedchairs, bank sticks, bivvy sticks, storm poles, bivvies/tents, brollies/umbrellas, chairs, luggage, PegOne products, rod support systems, rods, siren bait alarms & indicators, sleeping bags, tackle, carp care and accessories. A nice selection of Nash Baits boilies, oils, pellets, etc. are available for sale, too. All of your tackle and baits order will be waiting for you on the St. Lawrence when you arrive for the Carp Angling World Championship. You must order before April 1st!!!! Follow this link - NASH Order Here 3. Tim Paisley and Steve Briggs Will Return to St. Lawrence to Defend 2005 Win - Can lightning strike twice? Brits Tim Paisley and Steve Briggs are returning to America for the CAWC to defend their title as reigning world champions on the St. Lawrence River. The pair representing Angling Publications had an amazing win back in 2005 capturing a grand total of 80 carp at 1,590 pounds. It was Briggs’ first trip to the St. Lawrence making his first time in the USA a charm. Paisley, the well-known publisher of CarpWorld and other major UK carp angling magazines has been back to the St. Lawrence many times since the competition in 2005 to fish the big waters. CARP Tournament Series welcomes the champs to the 2011 Carp Angling World Championship. 4. Read about Bass Fishing Legend Ray Scott’s Guest Appearance at the CAWC - BASS Legend Ray Scott 5. Links regarding the peg locations and travel information: Preliminary Peg Locations Map Hotels & Enterprise Rent-a-Car For CAG members who've not reconfirmed with CARPTS but asked us to hold an entry for you, we've done our best to contact you in the past two weeks. Please do not hesitate to email us at info@carptournamentseries.com with any questions or additional information you might need.
  14. CARPTS is very proud to award an Al Kowaleski Memorial Scholarship for the fall semester to Jevonnah Foster of Ogdensburg NY. Jevonnah started carp fishing in 2004 and fishes regularly with her father Jay Foster. She has chosen a college path of environmental sciences with an associates degree in Natural Resources Conservation and is now studying for her bachelors degree in Wildlife Biology. Jevonnah will receive $250 toward the purchase of educational books and is eligible for the second round winter scholarship at the end of this year. Congratulations, Jevonnah!!!! Thank you to our panel - Mark Metzger, Mike Malone and Bob Bernowski.
  15. Ed - Go to the St. Lawrence County Chamber website St. Lawrence County Chamber and click through to the CARPTS site, or go directly to CARPTS at SLIJCT Leaderboard Kids are hauling some nice size fish!!
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