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  1. Do you no the address for ccc  so I can book hotel? 

  2. hope every one in texas is ok after the storms

  3. come on snow enough already

  4. ? Weather here unreal warm it's going to be tough with that water temp it was 50 here today. Wats every body doing about that

  5. any ways if you got thee bug...you all good around here...thx cory

  6. hello my friend i dont no what your schedule is like but there are some big carp waters around from you ..miller park 3 40s my pb 29.8 and seen 10 fish over 30 in a 13 ac ear pond...a new spot in channahon il just opened this year a quarry looks good i fished it 2 times 1 bite place looks very nice not that deep about 12 to 22 ftive seen tails about 8 to 12 inches...wide been fished for 70 yrs.

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