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  1. I have had a lot of success in discolored water fishing to bubble streams and just staying in contact with the fly. Not as fun as sight fishing, but there are some decent carp in a few chocolate ponds out here. I will try the I dictator per Gregg this spring.
  2. Speaking of koi...a blast from the past, Highway Cone: Took me seven months to finally catch that fish. Spooky bugger. Finally caught her on a green bugger type of fly. I had to lie on ,y stomache and put the fly in the water...just laid there until highway cone swam by.
  3. Will do that. I will be in Chicago in the spring for sure.
  4. Airbornmike, that guy guides out of Chicago? I spend a lot of time in Chicago for work, hadn't even thought of running a carp trip out there.
  5. Don't listen to him major geek. Jim is a stealthy sob!
  6. This is going to be a sweet swap!
  7. It is on my list. Did you see good fly water (knee deep water that extends for a ways)? I know they hold a fly tournament there so there must be good fly water, but I am not really a tourney kind of guy!
  8. One year I will fish the Blackfoot res. still looking for a 20 lb mirror on the fly.
  9. Am I the only one that thinks chumming goes against the whole fly fishing thing? Isn't catching carp (or any fish) on the fly about fooling the fish with an artificial? To each their own of course, just curious where others stand. It doesnt matter out here in OR since it is illegal anyway.
  10. Fly fisher or euro style...the boga isn't appropriate for soft mouthed fish. It can do way more damage than a hook...I tried it a long time ago and won't ever use one again. Interesting use of the indicator...I haven't tried that, but the water out here is much clearer.
  11. We scaled it...just over 31 lbs. I am not sure how long it took to land...maybe ten minutes. It made a pretty strong run to that tree line but I stopped it just short and got her turned back toward us. I was actually fishing with Mctage but he was focussed on a fish so I solo netted her. When I held that net up and hollerd Mctage dang near dropped his fly rod. Sweet fish...here is the one Mctage caught about ten minutes before I hooked that big girl. Mctages fish was 22 or 23 lbs. The next day I caught this 23 lber in the same area...we had a nice run of big fish this spring! Man..lis it spring yet? I am dying to get after some fish. Going to be a long winter.
  12. Carpe diem, this forum is all about carp on fly tackle. Most of us are crazy carp addicts...check out my blog too if you want to read some tales and see some pics... My biggest carp this year, on a 7 wt...
  13. I was in my on Tuesday and Wednesday bill...no time for fishing, but I was thinking about the central park carp!
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