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  1. Thanks Osmonds, I had a good time with you guys. It was fun to see Vaughn catch his PB mirror. We had a couple of nice double headers, too. Fun seeing almost every fish caught being a mirror carp, as well!!
  2. Well, I picked my cousin up in Minneiska, MN, on the shores of the Mighty Mississippi, after a 5 hour drive, and we drove another 4 hours to Sheboygan on the 4th of July. We decided to buy 2 two day sportfishing licenses and start fishing that very afternoon. Well, we blanked that first evening, but got to witness one of the best fireworks displays I have ever seen from a couple of miles out on Lake Michigan...Very cool. The next day we were up at 4 a.m. and on the water at just after 5. I noticed on a couple of the charter boats heading out with us, that everything on their rods was orange, including Dipsy Divers and flashers/dodgers. We ended up fishing with 4 down rigger lines and two on the planer boards. We caught 2 nice steelhead early, off the boards and orange flutter spoons, so that gave us some confidence. We then went fishless for several hours, staring at our ros, and switching out lures. We tried flasher/fly combos, different spoons, J-plugs, and even Rapala Husky Jerk magnums....all to no avail. Then, about 5 p.m. or so, we noticed the wind pick up and change from the west to the Northeast, the air temp drop, and some nasty looking thunderheads creeping in from the west. We decided to move from 110 feet of water to 50 or so feet of water right out from the harbor mouth, in case we needed to make a hasty retreat. I noticed that the surface temp here went from 62 to 51 degrees, and about that time one of the planer board rods went off. Near the surface, on a flutter spoon, 230 feet behind the boat........a 6 pound Lake trout, I was shocked! Got him in the boat and one of the downrigger rods released with a fish on it. That was a smallish King. We trolled aound for a couple more hours fishless, and decided to head in before dark to hit Walmart for sme supplies. We had broken the skunk, but were still 16 fish shy of our take home limit. The next morning we were up at 4 am.m and on the water ad fishing at 5. This day we decided to try 2 downrigger rods, 2 dipsy diver rods, and two planer board rods. The Dipsy's immediately paid off with 2 chunky cohos in the first hour of fishing. We then went fishless until the aftrenoon bite started at around 1:30 p.m. when a downrigger rods exploded off and my cousin Brian caught a nice King. We proceeded to boat another King, and two beautiful steelhead,and miss three other hits, including a big king near the boat! We left the lake at dark, feeling better, but knowing we still had a long way to go, and lots of fish to catch the last day of our trip, if we hoped to limit out, that is. I bought some more orange dipsy divers at Walmart that night and we gave it our best shot on Thursday morning. We ended up better than we hoped, and caught 10 fish for 14 hits, and were quite tha happy campers at the fish cleaning station that night!! Overall, we caught 10 steelhead, 6 Kings, 3 Cohos, and one Laker. Only one 4 year old King, but maybe more of them next year! Hope you enjoy the pics.
  3. Nicely done, Paul!! You should stop in and do some carp fishing with me in South Dakota, on your way to Idaho, and see how many states you can get a 30 pounder from!
  4. Yeah, and if they ground swatted it, you would be picking shot out of yourself, especially if they were using Federal #4 Wingshock loads!! I think you just received a raining down of pellets from above, like has already been stated. Very common occurence by water in the Fall. Could have also been waterfowl hunters.
  5. That's the first lesson in Muskie 101 Phone, no self respecting Muskie man wears gloves!!! You would be labeled a huge sissy, and laughed off the tournament trail!! Oh yeah, nice couple of Muskies, they sure are prettty up close!!!
  6. Dave, another fine job, bud!!!
  7. I guess I will have to agree that the CCC should probably return to Chicago, since that is what it started as, but Like Larry was saying, I think their needs to be other national CAG get togethers in new locations, where the possibilites for discovering new trophy carp waters would probably shock most of you that fish in highly populated carping areas. There are several large lakes out here, West of the Mississippi, for example, that barely ever see a fishing line, let alone a carp fishing line. I know the accomodations on the prairie are far cheaper than out east as well. Personally, a turn out of 20 people would be great in my neck of the woods, since I think I am the only member in my state. I know those 20 people would have a great time, catch a ton of nice fish, and have plenty of room to spread out, relax and enjoy themselves. I'm not made of money, but I have still driven to a CAG get together in Texas, and another event that might as well have been a CAG event in Michigan. Now, how many of you big city types would be willing to drive out here for a chance to catch some bonafide "Virgin, never been caught before carp"???? That is the question I have, I guess.
  8. Well if we are looking at it from a financial standpoint, and a turnout standpoint, then I should probably withdraw my idea of a South Dakota CCC, as I had trouble just getting people to attend Fish-In's while I was the Chair here. It also seems to be too far away for the majority of the carpers in this club to drive to, so never mind I guess. I just think it is kind of neat to see it go to new venues, and hope that trend can continue, even if it cannot. I didn't mean to start a pissing match, if I did I apologize.
  9. Point taken, Tom. Could you pm me about the particulars and standards? That would be much appreciated! I really did think it was awesome to see the event at a new venue, instead of seeing another Texas, Chicago, or New York event. Nice job, once again!!
  10. Ha, ha, Iain, I have absolutely no idea what you could be talking about!!
  11. It looks like a fine CCC was had at Midway lakes for sure, but now that it has taken place there, let's try it at a different venue next year. I propose a new state altogether. Let's see if we can think outside of the box, like Tom did this year, and have the CCC at a location where there has never been a sanctioned CAG event, or even any type of carp event or tournament before. I'd like to see the CCC take place in a state like Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, or South Dakota, where the travelling CAG fishing tournament crowds have not wet a line. I have 3 lakes in mind in South Dakota right this minute, and will offer my help to host the event in South Dakota next year. I can't promise food as good Tom's, or the whole Southern hospitality thing, but I will try my best to see that everyone has a good time, and catches a bunch of bugle mouths. Thanks.
  12. Nice job there, Tom, looks like a really fun time!! I think I would have gotten spanked all over the bank by the paylakers!! That food looks awesome as well!! I'm not a very good judge of what good BBQ is, being a Yank and all, but I think I would have eaten until I puked!!
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