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  1. @Chad bro ... please add me to list . I just signed up .
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/293337934536157/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/234641093764745/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/94383664810/
  3. Hi Tariq, welcome to CAG .. there are quite a few of us fish for carp here .. join the face book carp angler group page .. me and few other fish coon - tonka and some lakes locally . I fished Byllesby few years ago and only managed 1 carp in 2 long sessions . they keep removing carp each year from that lake .. we also have a MN Carp group on FB and do organize 1-2 fishinn each year so keep checking for updates starting spring. Thanks
  4. Thanks you Larry for Hosting us .. even though i blanked but i enjoyed every minute spent on bank and with all the friendly participants. Love your events and Appreciate the time and effort you put thru to organize and take care of us . Another try - see ya all next year ..
  5. Think of sunny days .. well Im here and it’s raining .. why did u invite rain Larry ..? Hahaha see ya all in morning..
  6. Wow nice scorecard.. GL to all .. Frank I have ur net with me thanks for helping out when I really needed ..
  7. I agree with you frank ..its quite a time and money that goes into this and we should see details of pegs and results by day.. but it was TRBA wants to do? information/data is key , having full results - and discussion where people speak out - suggestions goes long way in future planning . Apart from all results i would be very interested to see the all the pegs/anglers for both day - its simple 1 page so a photo will also do.. we could see how those pegs played out both days .. might not be same every year but it kinda give you little more info on how the pegs worked out in tourney.
  8. no wonder .. I was looking for some interesting comments made by you ,tim and other but dont see em .. but how ?
  9. It was not confidence but need Larry I was all wet .. should had prepared for it lol.. I needed anything warm.. my arms and legs were cramping ;( with cold. you finally did it Larry - got me on my first IL carp - I owe you my friend.
  10. Thanks larry for hosting us.. and thanks for you help landing those fish is heavy rain ..
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