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    Carp Tournament

    Nice post Gary.If CAG wants to truly make carp a sport fish then they must convince the masses that the carp has value. Right now carp are trash fish in the eyes of most. Tell someone you are going to eat carp and they give you a funny look or a smart remark.then when they catch one they give it a good kick over the bank. That kind of attitude is hard to change. Carp are a renewable resource, probably one of the largest biomass's in most lakes. So lets use it and show it has value. To listen to some on these forums you would think it was some endangered species. Good luck Andy
  2. Forgot to add, Loramie might make a great place to do in early July. The camp grounds is right on the water and there was plenty of shade around. Good Luck Andy
  3. East Harbor same time frame, April, and move West Branch to June. Cowan was a great location, but damn the mosquitoes were so bad. Would like to see something more centrally located for May. I would be glad to host an over night at Osprey in May. Agree fishing can be tough in August, but we could do something different like a bank side cook off at Griggs or somewhere else with plenty of shade. The fishing would be side bar to cooking. Making it more of a social event to gain some new blood in Ohio. Working it all out at BW3's is a good idea as it will let all of us that can make it help decide on locations. Good Luck Andy
  4. I was once a forum guest and then I found a fish in on the regional forums and became a member. Looking only at the numbers is very short sighted. If this effort had been done with thought. IE: A guest/members only place to post events and fishing reports in place before taking away the regional section I could back it. This action may cause more to leave then join. I joined in 2006 there were around 1000 members at least that was what I was told. Now there are around 800 members. That's 20% loss. I think the powers that be need to be looking at ways to bring in new blood not hamper their efforts to join. Good luck
  5. My wife had a bad case this fall, and she spent 2 days in the hospital. Be careful.
  6. Making the regional section private is a bad idea. Guest do provide something, the only thing that is of value to the forums: CONTENT!!! If you have no one posting what good are the forums??? The way this was done really stinks too. There was no real thought put into it and no advanced notice.There really is no alternative place for guest to post or find out about events. I will soon also just be a guest. Good Luck!
  7. Fantastic!!!! Thanks for sharing Andy
  8. I've been fishing a local pond here in Ohio. At first the fish were all over the place just seemed to be relaxing in the sun. I tried everything to coax them into biting with little luck. Chummed sweet corn, method balls, boilies, and even wheaties..LOL Then one morning an older gal came to feed the ducks, she was using old bagels and bread. The carp were all moving to where she was feeding them before she even arrived, I just hadn't put it together until she showed up. I started free lining floating bread and bam fish on. Just take some bread and throw it out when the fish start feeding, hook a small bit of bread and toss out. You have to press it on but leave it kind of fluffy so it floats. Good Luck Andy
  9. Glad to have you aboard. Hope to see you out and about. Good Luck Andy
  10. Great event. My kids are rounding up the neighbor kids and letting them know we are taking them all fishing!!! Great Idea!!! Thanks Andy
  11. Clay34, Your last post is dead on. The antis will use anything to divide us and they don't care if you use hook, arrow, or spear. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. Been seeing this kind of elitist thinking divide sportsman for a long time. The problem is not the act of bow fishing, it was the act of disrespect to you. Good Luck
  12. Nice fish and write up. Thanks for taken the time to share! Good Luck Andy
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