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  1. Hey Axel. I heard you were back in the area. I was hoping we could get together and fish in the spring next season. Your inbox was full so I left the message on your profile. Email me back and I'll send you my phone number. Hope to hear from you.


  2. Have fun everyone. I will not make it to this one.
  3. Heres number 6 for the year. Got it today on a spinnerbait after work.
  4. I might eat more of them, except i'm catching them in the Potomac river. I'd end up having more mercury than a thermometer if i made a habit of eating them.
  5. Nice Alex. I saw loads of them today, I hooked one but that lasted about 2 seconds. saw some good size female gar down there being followed by males today.
  6. Thought I'd poke my head out of my cave for a bit and post some snakehead pics from the last couple of weeks. Caught 5 of them so far this year, all of them in the last 2 weeks. I went out today and got 16 Largemouth, 3 snakehead, and one very large yellow perch. Final worked up the nerve to eat one of the snakeheads tonight. Have to say, they are pretty damn tasty.
  7. Nice to know i'm not the only one who paints fish and fish related stuff around here!!! The following picture is being turned into a painting in the not to distant future, just have to get my lazy ass up to buy a big canvas.
  8. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out. I had a good time talking to everyone. Big thanks to Mat for brining his grill down so we could make some food. Fishing was abit lousy but thats why its called fishing. Congrats to Fanklin on his new PB as well! That was an awsome fish. See you all next time around.
  9. a few quick things to mention... As Mark Posted on the other thread about the event he will not be fishing on Saturday, so I'm going to be incharge of food and big fish pool. I'm trying to sort out food, like having something delivard, if not I may just have to bring the grill up. The winds been out of the North, so you will probably not have to worry about getting wet feet at high tide. So thats a plus! On the down side the low tide may be VERY low this weekend. Anyway, I'm going up there after work tommorow afternoon to put out some bait. I'll see you all on Saturday bright and early!
  10. I may beable to put in some bait on Wensday after school and what not. If I'm up there to bait it I'll stay and fish with you BB, I won't be getting up there untill close to 2pm anyway. Half to dust off the carp rods they havn't been out since August...
  11. I'm off work at 1pm on Friday, so I will head down and put a bit of bait in at several of the spots down towards the point on the channel side. I will be there early both days and stay for the day. first damn weekend i'v had off in months....
  12. Fantastic glad you posted these!!!! Best of luck exploring the CT!
  13. I didn't know you lot were THAT old.
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