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  1. Hey Axel. I heard you were back in the area. I was hoping we could get together and fish in the spring next season. Your inbox was full so I left the message on your profile. Email me back and I'll send you my phone number. Hope to hear from you.


  2. Awesome blue cat! Congrats on the PB!
  3. Great report Mike! Although no 30 was caught, you caught some fine fish and were very successful in a short period of time. Come next spring mission 30+ will begin for myself as well. Thanks again your valuable sharing and input.
  4. Big congrats on that awesome blue catfish! Good luck on your quest for the 30+ carp!
  5. Beautiful koi! Those butterfly koi are particularly stunning.
  6. Great team effort! lol. How big was the catfish? Was it a blue?
  7. Another stunning fish! Congrats I look forward to more reports!
  8. Hey Zach I must say fishing for koi has become an obsession for me. There beauty and individuality even under water while stalking really gets your heart going. I love carp, but I think koi I love just as much.
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