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  1. In less than one month the 2nd annual ATC will happen in Austin TX. March 27th-29th..

    We have 2 full team spots open and Bait Boat Charlie is looking for a partner..

    If you are interested please let me know moorecfp@swbell.net

    We have about 20 USA teams, 7 UK teams, 1 French and 1 German team..

    So if you are a last minute planner it's your lucky day.. :D

    You can join the yahoo list for this event at:


    There is a good chance In-Fisherman will be be filming the event for a show so having the full 30 team spots filled would be nice.

    Guaranteed good time..

  2. I miss those days.. :D

    At 37 I'm still a head banger.. Have to break out the CD's from that Era quit often..

    Shame whats happened to "Great White"..another one of my favorites from back then.

    Hope to spend some time on the bank with you so I can hear some of the off stage stories.. :D

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