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  1. Sorry to hear that. Always enjoyed time on the bank with him. RIP Herk. This is a photo from the CT Tourney in 2016.
  2. Couldn't agree more with Todd. Thanks to all those involved.
  3. Thank you Dean for carrying the load on the NACA.
  4. Thanks Dean and all of those involved to make the NACA happen.
  5. Planning CCC dates and venues 2 years out would be nice. Both WI and Bville are also great places to have it.
  6. CARP (Catch and Release Professional )Tournament Series is On board. Forget the fisheries management in my opinion. You can't mange a body of water with 5% or less being talked about. make it a blue ribbon trout equivalent.
  7. Maybe a poll from folks here on the forum on what they prefer would be prudent? If those here know someone wanting a paper version list their name or contact Bob with their name. I think being force fed a paper version if you prefer electronic is just as bad as not making the non-tech folks happy. It's not hard to be flexible and make both happy.
  8. Ed, I just assumed you had a team and/or personnel ready to get this going? My bad.
  9. Ed, So let me get this right. Ed says- Honestly I am just trying to promote it. As for any involvement in the getting it all together I have nothing to offer I have no experience or knowledge in getting together and getting it. Others as usual will have to stand up You want to do a fairly large project (which is fine) but there isn't anyone to publish/edit, help organize it? What am I missing here? David
  10. Hey Ed, Maybe I need to try and explain better my thought process. Lets say there are 5 steps to this process 1. Gather information / advertising etc 2. Edit/organize 3. Place the newsletter in an electronic format for the printer 4. Take/send to print shop -you will edit again probably - Print 5. Ship- Add labels etc at a NFP rate of shipping Step 3 is where I was suggesting you work towards now because you go through that step to reach your final goal. This would give you a chance to get feedback as well from members before you spend $ printing. Could you not be getting quotes because people/groups/organizations don't do print newsletters as much today? Maybe I'm all wrong on how this works now because it's been 10+ years since was really involved, but I'm guessing its still close. Once again Good Luck to those involved. Sorry if I offended anyone!
  11. Ed, That's why i made a "Suggestion" I have been there and done that. I'm not arguing...Just sharing a bit of my experience. You'll need a hard working team as well. Like the NACA to pull it off. Has I not had the great fortune of Stewart McKenzie, Jim Sugihara and a few others showing up I'd never been able to pull it off. I applaud you guys for trying something. I'll also be interested to see what the results of doing it look like 1-2 years from now. And again...Good Luck making it happen.
  12. Ed, Read my post again. I said to get the ball rolling with the e-version. You have to do it in a format(Probably PDF or similar) to take it to a printer. To clarify the 1000 membership in newsletter days(Remember Bud brought me on as Advertising Director) to improve on the NACA. We had 500 paying members and 500+ free "Media" members) We made a decsion when I became Pres to axe the non-paying members because the cost of 500 paying for 1000 was a drain. From there we grew back to closer 900 paying members. That's just when PDF/email was starting. I'll let the results speak for itself. As the NACA improve a direct correlation of paying members grew as well. We also were active in outdoor shows. fish-ins, started the ATC, CAGI. etc. and had a lot of momentum going for us from the base Bud Yancey built. When did we go strictly e-version 2009/ 2010? So you're saying that's when the membership decline started Ed?
  13. Just a suggestion - If you are 100% set on this quarterly newsletter why not get it started with a PDF version? You will run into some snags guaranteed and this will help you get the print version going sooner rather than later. I'm of 2 opinions on this- 1) As a CAG member Id prefer a e-version and let CAG keep the print costs and mailing costs- (Assuming there is a opt in/out option) Plus you can email it to a fishery agencies, media, database very easy and cost effectively. 2) As a supporter of the "Worlds greatest Sportfish" and CAG, it would be nice to send something out to potential new CAG members in our tackle orders. I'd estimate right now less than 10% of our orders go to CAG members. IF CAG is to be the voice of Carp Angers and the Spokesperson of protection of Trophy Carp(Objective 3) it makes sense the membership numbers have to increase. Good Luck to all those involved in getting this project up and running.
  14. Another option to consider if you'd like to have some influence and work helping get that content you can volunteer as an assistant editor? As a volunteer organization CAG is always in need of people to help pull the wagon.
  15. Nice job everyone involved. Great insights from Frank on plastics.
  16. Neil, Thanks for all you've done. Enjoy your fishing and good luck on the koi.
  17. Arrived in the mail today at 74003
  18. Sometimes mine does that on my iPhone, but if I het it a second time it will usually load up.
  19. The angler education program is looking for people who enjoy working with children, like to fish or would like to learn by helping to teach others. Instructors provide opportunities to learn basic fishing skills, explore Wisconsin's aquatic resources and develop a set of conservation ethics to help ensure that Wisconsin's lakes and streams will remain bountiful for generations to come. The program provides training workshops to clubs, schools, youth development organizations and service groups. Trained instructors have access to educational resources and loaner fishing equipment. Instructor certification Training workshops Loaner gear Fishing clinics Instructor certification Instructor certification An Instructor-In-Training practices casting skills and resourcefulness with a fish target and pop-can rig along Milwaukee's lakefront. Who are instructors? Instructors are people like you. Youth leaders, classroom teachers, fishing club members and civic leaders are all encouraged to attend a workshop as a team or form one at the workshop. Successful program models include after-school fishing clubs, summer enrichment classes, family-school/camp adventures, scout merit badges and more! While this program has traditionally focused on youth, keep in mind adults who may have missed the boat as kids! Certification process People get certified as Angler Education Instructors by attending a training workshop and completing a background check [PDF]. Here are more specifics on the certification process. Training workshops Training workshops Instructors-In-Training test non-lead sinkers at a Rhinelander workshop. Please check back from time to time for updates to this schedule. Basic angler education instructor certification workshop Basic Angler Education instructor training workshop certification workshops focus on teaching spin casting and incorporating related topics in a K-12 curriculum, youth development program or adult education. Some workshops feature fly fishing or complementary aquatic resources education programs. Fishing club members, youth leaders, classroom teachers and civic leaders are encouraged to attend a workshop as a team or form a team at a workshop. Successful models include after-school fishing clubs, summer enrichment classes, school-family events and Boy Scout merit badge training. Workshop fees Angler Education workshops are free; sometimes we feed you lunch or dinner, too! However, we do have a $15 workshop commitment fee to ensure good attendance by registrants and allow us to plan accordingly. If your plans change, please notify us three days in advance to get a refund of your workshop commitment fee. Otherwise, it becomes a donation to the Angler Education Program. There are fees for Project WET and Project WILD and will be collected when those programs are offered in combination with Angler Education. To schedule a volunteer or teacher training workshop in your community, please contact Theresa Stabo, Aquatic Resources Educator, 608-266-2272. We need a minimum of 8 to 12 adult participants, depending on location, to hold a workshop. Workshop schedule Several workshops are being planned. More details will be provided in the coming weeks, but here's a quick run down of what's coming up. Check back often to learn about additional workshops! Location: Monona Date: Saturday, May 4, 2013 Time: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Place: Aldo Leopold Nature Center 330 Femrite Drive Monona WI 53716 Registration Deadline Call to ask Audience Adults who work with youth in a variety of capacities. Teachers and nonformal educators will love this exciting environmental education program focused on wildlife and their habitats on both land and water and on teaching the venerable tradition of fishing in Wisconsin! Workshop participants will develop new skills, learn how to adapt activities to their curriculum, explore literature and technology connections, and share expertise with colleagues. The activity guides contain learner-centered activities that are compatible with instruction in science, social studies, language arts, environmental science, and mathematics. In addition to the guides, participants will learn about and receive a collection of educational resources from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources that complement the activities presented in the guides. These programs meet state teacher and academic standards, are eligible for inclusion in an initial educator plan, and can be used in renewal of your licensure. Course Fee $40.00 Contact: Virginia Wiggen [exit DNR], 608-221-0404, Extension 2 Location Sparta Date Saturday, May 18, 2013 Time 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Place Sparta High School 506 N. Black River Street Sparta WI 54656 Registration Deadline Download the registration form [PDF], complete and return by May 11, 2013 Audience Open to all adults interested in offering a recreational fishing program. Join the Monroe County 4-H and Youth Development at this workshop. The workshop will focus on youth and families in summer recreation programs, but ideas can be adapted for adult learn-to-fish programs. Tips for including people with disabilities in your community fishing program will be offered. Pick up ideas about adaptive fishing techniques that you can use in your community fishing programs. Role play and practice-teach fishing-related skills including: fish identification; knot tying; casting; and more! Contact Kim Anderson 608-261-6431 Location Shorewood (north of Milwaukee) Date Thursday, May 23, 2013 Time 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Place Shorewood High School - Room TBA 1701 E. Capitol Drive Shorewood WI 53211 Registration Deadline Download the registration form [PDF], complete and return by May 15, 2013 Audience Open to all adults interested in offering a recreational fishing program. Join the Shorewood Recreation Department and the Milwaukee County Office for Persons with Disabilities at this workshop. The workshop will focus on youth and families in summer recreation programs, but ideas can be adapted for adult learn-to-fish programs. Tips for including people with disabilities in your community fishing program will be offered. Pick up ideas about adaptive fishing techniques that you can use in your community fishing programs. Role play and practice-teach fishing-related skills including: fish identification; knot tying; casting; and more! Contact Kim Anderson 608-261-6431 For-credit Courses Summer brings enrichment opportunities for classroom teachers. Non-teachers are welcome to join in if space allows. Course Big Splash! Location Oshkosh and surrounding area Place James P. Coughlin Center 625 E. County Road Y Date Monday, June 24 - Friday, June 28, 2013. Time We will begin at 1:00 p.m. on Monday. Class will be from 8:30 a.m.- 4, Tuesday through Friday. Course Information Two Graduate credits are being offered through Viterbo University Expected cost: $270.00 for 2 credits and course materials Registration materials and more details will be posted by Mid-April Registration deadline: June 12, 2013 Audience This conference is geared for people who teach grades 4 - 12, however, other people are welcome to attend. Discover how explorations of fish and their aquatic habitats can help lay the foundation for understanding the scientific method. Participants receive materials that help support Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards for Grades 4 - 12. Supplemental materials are available for teachers of younger learners. Contact Theresa Stabo or Kim Anderson to discuss options and find out if this course is right for you. You will be amazed in this experiential, for-credit course! Learn the shocking truth about Fisheries Management aboard a Lake Winnebago shocking boat See the variety of fish in Lake Winnebago in a fyke-netting demonstration Board the Wet Wonder and marvel at the connection between lake flies and lake sturgeon Wade a nearby stream and look for members of the stream food web Age a fish and find out how to keep the fish in our lakes healthy and edible ...and more! We'll roll out a full menu of aquatic resources education materials including: Angler Education Project WET Project WILD Water Action Volunteers Aquatic Invasive Species Contact Theresa Stabo 608-266-2272 or Kim Anderson 608-261-6431 Teachers' conferences & professional conventions Look for us at teachers' conferences and other professional conventions. They are typically held in the spring and fall. Loaner gear Tackle Loaner Program No fishing rod? No problem! We have fishing equipment you can borrow at several DNR offices and state parks and facilities. There is no charge to borrow the equipment -- just enjoy your day fishing in Wisconsin and return the equipment in the condition you received it (or better!) so that the next person can enjoy it. Check out the fishing equipment contacts page for information on who to contact to find out exactly what kind of gear is available near you. If you have general questions about the tackle loaner program contact Theresa Stabo, 608-266-2272 or Kim Anderson, 608-261-6431. Available gear While special lures and fresh bait are not provided, we generally have the following basic equipment at most sites: The DNR has equipment you can borrow to get children hooked on fishing. many closed face fishing rods and reels; a few open face rods and reels; casting plugs; bobbers; and hooks, lines and sinkers In addition to fishing equipment, some sites (but not all) have fish printing materials, knot-tying practice equipment, Backyard Bass (a casting game) and other educational resources like Fish Packs [PDF]. Fish Packs are stocked with games, stories and activities that help youngsters learn about Wisconsin fish. Check one out or download the link for ideas to create your own! Inquire when you contact or visit a loaner site to see exactly what they have to offer. Keep in mind Before you plan a fishing trip around loaner equipment, know that: equipment is available on a first come, first served basis; and you may borrow equipment for up to one week, unless demand is low in your area. Ask the contact in your area if an extension is possible. Follow the Golden Rule Please return loaner equipment in the condition you would like it to be when you borrow it. Make proper handling and care of equipment part of your angler or fishing education program. If the equipment was damaged, return all the parts with a note explaining what happened. Instructions to fix a tangled reel [PDF]. The most popular time for borrowing the equipment is also the busiest time for our field staff - spring and early summer. Please help them out by returning the equipment clean and in good working order. If something breaks -- which sometimes happens -- fix it if you can, or bring the problem to our staff's attention so the next group will have functional equipment. Your help with maintenance frees up our field staff for stocking fish and working on habitat projects. Adopt a fishing tackle loaner site Many tackle loaner sites would welcome help with equipment maintenance. This would be a great volunteer service project for scouts, students, fishing clubs or anyone who'd like to pitch in and ensure that our gear is in shape for beginner anglers. Materials will be provided for re-spooling and general clean-up. Loaner sites that want help are marked with a VM. Locate the site nearest you on the fishing equipment contacts page and call them to find out how you can help! Thank you! Fishing clinics Fishing clinics Throughout the year, the Department of Natural Resources works with local parks departments, fishing clubs and organizations to host fishing clinics and other events. Thanks to all clinic hosts and sponsors! Attend a clinic County: Sauk Location: Baraboo, WI Date: May 11, 2013 Time: 3 p.m.-5 p.m. Place: Devil's Lake State Park, S5975 Park Road, Baraboo, WI 53913. Meet at the North Shore boat launch. Target Age: All ages are welcome Learn to Fish Want to try fishing but don't know what to do? Come to our Learn to Fish program and we'll show you how! We'll have fun games and activities that will teach you the basics of fishing. We supply all the fishing equipment. Children need to be accompanied by an adult. Sponsored by Devils Lake State Park Contact: For more information call: 608-356-8301 County: Chippewa Location: Chippewa Falls YMCA Date: May 28 to May 31, 2013 Time: 6 p.m. to 7:30p.m. Place: Chippewa Falls YMCA Target Age: All ages are welcome Family Fishing Get Hooked Tuesday, May 28 Fishing basics are covered Wednesday, May 29 Meet the DNR Fisheries Thursday, May 30 How to clean fish Friday, May 31 How to cook fish Contact: For more information:Kyle Beach County: Oneida Location: Rhinelander, WI Date: June 8, 2013 Time: 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Place: Hodag Park boat landing and Pavilion, Rhinelander, WI Target Age: Families and youth kindergarten through 12th grade 9th Annual Family Fishing Fun Day The goal of the event is to introduce, educate and promote the joy of fishing to area youth and their families. Sponsored by 4-H Youth Development and local businesses Contact: For more information contact Katie Leone or Anna Gauthier: 715-365-2750 County: Waushara Location: Wild Rose, WI Date: June 22, 2013 Time: call Place: Evergreen Campsites W5449 Archer Lane, Wild Rose, WI 54984 Target Age: 16 and older Family Fishing Frenzy Fishing clinic for families $5 fee to participate Learn the basics of fishing Equipment provided Contact: For more information contact Tracy Schroeder: 920-622-3498 County: Taylor Location: Rib Lake, WI Date: July 13, 2013 Time: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Place: Little Spirit Lake Boat Landing, 7 miles east of Rib Lake on State Hwy 102 Target Age: 15 and under Kids Pan Fishing Day Games, prizes, raffle and food Children need to be accompanied by an adult Sponsored by Spirit Lake Association Contact: For more information Call: 715-427-3778 Plan a fishing clinic Now is the time to start planning your own fishing clinic to usher in a summer of fishing fun! Use these events to kick off summertime youth fishing clubs and get anglers of all ages out to the water's edge. Download the General Event Planning Form, [PDF] to be used anytime. Return your completed form to the Angler Education Office at the DNR. Contact Kim Anderson, 608-261-6431 if you would like a planning form mailed to you. Participants 16 years or older likely will need fishing licenses to fish at most events, unless they occur on Free Fishing Weekend. Call contacts for complete information.
  20. BCT is sponsoring a team at the WCC Lake Fork. We'll put it to good use;) Confirmation number: 4HE92812XH997412B $25 has been sent to CAG
  21. '04 ATC time frame, it was when we filmed the ACS Town Lake DVD. It was prior to the few major floods that hit Austin. Town Lake(LBL) is an enviroment a carp could live a long time. Pineapple has been out 3 times I know of(mine being the last) and they were all at the West end of the lake.
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