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  1. Looking forward to the CCC back in Chicago this year. We offering the same order shipping option(Live 9/1) we did for the ATC with a U-Haul rental. https://www.bigcarptackle.com/austin-team-championship-delivery.html
  2. Couldn't agree more with Todd. Thanks to all those involved.
  3. Since we are pulling a trailer (Includes RidgeMonkey Modular Buckets for everyone) there is a surcharge on additional orders to offset the trailer rental. You will purchase the $10 shipping item and the use ATC19 as the coupon. No matter the size of the order(over $50) you will pay a flat fee. Great time to get a bedchair or other big items! Items will arrive Wednesday afternoon between 2-4pm. Just like the CAG discount in January if you fail to follow instructions its on you. Absolutely no retroactive refunds or credits even on multiple orders! You will be charged $10 per o
  4. That's awesome Rex! Super cool capture. Congrats. Be sure and enter it on the Big Carp Tackle facebook carp of the month page. Chance to win $125 in tackle of your choice.
  5. Anyone ordering from BCT for ATC delivery can choose 'BCT pickup' on shipping. We can bring it with us and deliver at the corn boil. May be limited on space so it will first come first serve on larger items. Small box orders aren't a problem. Look forward to seeing everyone.
  6. John, Great job serving as a Ambassador to carp angling. Now we just have to work on the baiting rules and a 3rd rod stamp in CO..;)
  7. Thank you Dean for carrying the load on the NACA.
  8. CarpTournamentSeries.com if you need any info.
  9. Can't recall the shape of the RTH3. Have a pic you post?
  10. Thanks Dean and all of those involved to make the NACA happen.
  11. David Moore

    ATC Rules

    Any way to change this to "Up to 25 yds either side of actual peg is where anglers must fish or bait from" but you can cast half way to other pegs. Not -Each two-person team may fish anywhere within half the distance of opposing team pegs, please use common sense in this regard, (this means the casting distance, you may not physically walk to and fish in the other teams peg !) including pegs on the other side of the lake (you must however be in the same Zip Code & County). Please refer any questions you have about boundaries to one of the tournament directors.
  12. Planning CCC dates and venues 2 years out would be nice. Both WI and Bville are also great places to have it.
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