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  1. We are just a month out from when anglers will start arriving in CT to evaluate swims and possible fishing spots to possibly win $100K!.

    I just received a final clarification on areas that are allowed to fish and "Direct Tributaries" is added to the CT River as possible option opening up even a few more places. I've changed the above to reflect that and we'll be updating the website as we go as well.

    I'm a last minute entry myself to most events due to a hectic schedule so I understand the waiting to the last minute to enter. But if you plan on entering we need to registered by September 20 to get a special event event gift. After that it may be too late for us to have them custom made and delivered on time. Even if you can send me a PM you plan on being there so we can start to plan for the draw and awards ceremony not to mention have the leaderboard built out (Think sponsors! ;) ) helps us out. Just email us a headshot/pic for the leaderboard please.

    Excellent news the B'ville Fall event is sold out. Hope to see several of you make the short journey down to Hartford and try your luck at our event after its wrapped up.

  2. Joey,

    I've slept since I was told that! Lol I was told there were some monster carp netted out if there years(possibly decades) back? Never seen a photo or had any what I'd consider hard evidence to confirm it holds big carp. It's a very shallow lake(not what I look for to produce specimen carp) so it didnt seem unrealistic that it could have almost dred up.

  3. Craig,

    I beleive 2 rods is it now for CT. But in our meeting this spring they did say Oct 1 it may go to 3? Iain and some of the local guys probably can answer as with better info that I have. Once we get a firm answer from CT DEEP we'll let everyone know.

    We are working on areas to hold the draw, ongoing event and awards still Should have that sorted out in early September. But everything will be held in Hartford so if you get a room close to that should work fine.

    You will have a marshal to call. Obviously if it's a new state record potential we'll do our best to be on call and respond as quick as possible. But yes, no need to call in a fish that doesn't exceed the #4 on your list. We can check scales for accuracy at the draw or when we come out to weigh fish early on to fill the Big 4. I'd also say there probably isn't a need to weigh fish under 20/25 lbs? If it does need to be weighed, sack it, call HQ and/or your Marshal for a weighing early in the morning.

    Right now we are focusing on the CT River and plan on using city parks, etc. as back-ups if the CT river doesn't cooperate. The insurance company dictated this outcome. We hoped to included the entire state of CT.

    We're working with CT DEEP about camping/Sleeping while fishing. We don't anticipate it to be a problem.

    CARP TS Website info Also now has Pay Pal entry option

  4. CT CARP Open

    Peg Draw Sunday 12th at 7PM

    Fishing Monday 13th 10am until Friday 17th 2pm

    Awards at 4PM Friday Afternoon

    Competition Info

    Limited to the first 100 Registered / Paid Anglers

    This is a Big Fish and Big 4 Event –Only Cyprinus Carpio count for this event

    All Entries must be paid in full prior to the Draw. If participants aren’t at the draw once all pegs are chosen they are free to choose a open peg of their choosing.

    Anglers may fish as partners( 2 Anglers) or individually. This designation must be determined when registering and cannot be changed once the draw has taken place and a choice has been made stys that way for the entire event.

    The draw will start with 1 random name or partners being chosen. They will then announce the peg they choose to fish. They will then draw the next name, and this procedure will progress until all anglers have chosen their pegs.

    Once a peg is chosen another angler/ pair cannot choose another peg 150yds either side of that chosen peg. If Anglers move to another peg they must call in to relinquish their peg and announce a new peg once they have determined their new peg.

    Angler’s pegs are reserved even if they choose not to fish the full 24 /7 and/or they decide to fish an area with limited hours. i.e. a city park, etc.

    Any publicly accessible area that is open on the Connecticut River and direct tributaries to all participating anglers are possible options for pegs. Peg locations must be as accurate as possible in GPS format

    Entry fee is $300 per registered angler plus another $100 if the angler wants to participate in the $100,000 State record prize pool. Angling pairs must both be registered for the prize to be entered to qualify for the State Record Pool.

    State Record Pool has their own set of rules that will be available at the Registration and posted on the website once finalized on the website closer to the event.

    CARP TS expects all participants to apply Good Sportsmanship and common sense during this event. Any questions should be asked prior to the peg draw.

    General Rules-

    All CT fishing and municipality rules must be observed. For license and general information this link can help-


    Any infringement of the rules will result in immediate disqualification with no refunds.

    Boats are allowed for baiting up, transportation and landing fish. All fishing must take place from the shore. Keeping in mind that Marshals need a easy process to weigh and verify anglers reported captures. Life jackets are required in boats along with all other boating requirements.

    The week prior to the event Anglers may not fish or bait up any areas designated as permissible for the event. (Monday October 6th) Anglers may research, check depths, locations as they choose up until the time of the peg draw on Sunday evening.

    All CARP TS Standard rules apply

    -One single hook per rod

    -Fish Friendly nets are required

    -Unhooking mats are required

    -Fish must be released in good health and excellent condition to be counted

    -150 yds between anglers and they may fish to the middle (75 yds)

  5. Prelim Rules and info are in the works and should be on the website soon.

    Registration will be up soon via Pay Pal soon as well. Unfortunately there is a 3% surcharge.

    Also this will be closed once we reach 100 paid anglers. Once paid we'll post you on our leaderboard.

    Payouts – Guaranteed

    Big Fish Winner - $3500

    Big 4 Winner- $3500

    Big 4 Second Place $2000

    Big 4 Third Place - $1000

    Big Mirror $500

    Daily Big Fish $500 Captured 2pm to 2pm each day (10am to 2pm Tuesday Day 1)

    Total Guaranteed Prize pool $12,500

    The Angler determined to hold the new CT state record after the event by the CT DEEP would be the winner of the Special $100,000

    All ties will be decided/broken by the next largest fish captured in all categories.

    If you want to pay by check or money you can mail your entry -


    PO Box 1502

    Bartlesville OK 74005-1502

    Entry fee is $300 per angler plus $100 if you want to get in on the $100,000 State record option


    Angler Registration




    Entry $300____ $100K $100 ______

    Total Paid $_______________

    Fishing as an individual Y or N

    Partner ____________________________________

  6. All anglers will know where other anglers are after the draw? So yes we will know where you are fishing at all times. We are intending on posting up publicly where you are fishing, but technology may not let happen?

    If you decide to move you will call in to let us know you are moving. Once you notify us of your new location the old one is then forfeited.

    You hold your swim even if you leave to go to the store, take a shower, etc.

  7. Zach,

    Would be great to see you make it.


    If it's an area that is legal to fish, public, and any angler that is competing could fish there.. then it should be OK? CT DEEP will be assisting in marshaling and have a map of all occupied pegs/swims. They will be checking on the anglers throughout the event. Number of rods used, licenses, etc. So prior to announcing where you intend to fish you may want to ask them and/or any local authority.

    Using the previous event as an example Town Lake in Austin had the closed times from 11pm to 5 am. All anglers knew this prior to the event but most still chose to fish there and things worked out.

    One situation keeps getting brought up is pre-baiting a swim or having someone pre-bait a swim for an angler. To just nip that in the bud we'll include no baiting along with no fishing the week prior on the CT River or any other allowed venues.


  8. Sorry I left off the fishing times are -

    Monday October 13th 10am until Friday 2PM =100 hours

    Website should be updated by this time next week with more details and registration options. Limited to the first paid 100 Anglers.

    The $100k payout for a new state record is in play for fish caught from the CT River and a few other designated(approved) venues we'll announce later. Only public fishing areas that any Angler in the event could fish may be utilized. No private property.

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