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  1. I use both (soaked and cooked)  in my mix, along with other sized particles (pigeon mix, maples etc) . They perform different purposes.

    The cracked corn will get them digging around, and hopefully eating the larger particles, such as maize.


    Depends what you are trying to achieve I suppose...



  2. I would like to participate in CAG's FFF 2019!

    Your name:  Tim Marshall
    Your CAG forum name:  UKTim
    Your state or province of residence:  NC
    The state or province of your FFF 2019 fishing venue, if it differs from your residence:


  3. Hi Mark, I've listened to, and enjoyed most of the first 8. Particularly likely the Hughes and Holmes sessions.

    Much to learn there, even for a very old school carper. Some even translates to our fishing over here!!

    Hope you get the support to continue for a long time.

  4. Hi Eric. Most of our known carp fishing in NC is Raleigh and west.

    But we know there are carp in the tidal waters close to Jacksonville.

    The Neuse and Cape Fear river systems definitely contain a good stock.

    Let us know if you head west in NC and we'd be happy to share what we know.

    Do let us know what you find down there...

  5. Thanks a lot for these e-zine pointers!

    I had subscribed to Advanced Carp Fishing (via Pocketmags) for 2012.

    Have to admit that for me, the format was challenging to read (Windows Laptop user) and have about 6 months worth not touched.

    I have resubscribed to hard copy Carpworld for 2013 (arm-and-leg, yes) and just received January (they had some distribution issues, apparently).

    I'll certainly test drive someof these on Kindle too....

    Does anyone else feel that the tactics & bail approaches described for much UK pressured-carp fishing does not translate for them for wildwater US fish? e.g. certainly around here, the obsession with fishmeal based boilies is challenging because of our lovely local bullhead catfish

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