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  1. Hi Tim, I have just accepted a job with the NCWRC and will be located somewhere near Raleigh (within ~30mi of Nashville, NC). I was wondering if there is anything you can tell me about fishing there and where my best hope of a 30+ would be (if you don't mind telling!)? I was wondering if anyone had tried the tidal rivers that you know of? They look to me like they might have some really big fish. Thanks for any help! Regards, Evan

  2. UKTim

    NC 2011/12

    A few of the fish that have found my net recently from NC lakes
  3. 30-02 caught from an NC lake in March 2011 after a long wet night. Probably the most distinctive, almost certainly uncaught mirror I have ever seen in my net.
  4. Bill Good job - I especially liked the quality of the contributions in this edition . You have set the bar high there --- I'm looking forward to reading the next one now!!
  5. Pleased to get your message, glad to know you're doing it right to enhance your chances to get a big'n, it's the sure way to fish anywhere and anytime regardless of access. Don't forget you'll eventually need some extra gear to fish right outa the boat ie 7ft rods robust landing net rod holders, get some contour maps and a GPS, invaluable!

    Let us know how you're...

  6. Hello T

    I just caught up on the 50's thread. About 15 of us locally here in NC now fishing for carp ---- ~ half of us looking for first CAG 40. Colin Peters and i (expats) both 'boat carp' anglers -- we use the boat to access bank spots - minimal ' official' bank access. We've targeted waters up to 3-4k acres (33lb best) - 250 acres our target for 2011.. pos...

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