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  1. A Yellow Fluffy Pop-up would be an obviously good bait choice here
  2. I do not have any info on this lake, there will be carp in ther. It will be interesting to see what you catch.
  3. Cracking fish I will miss my trip to Canada this year :-( Will be there next year though.
  4. Lovely fish, looks every bit of 35lb?? I wonder waht the biggest Koi ever caught is?
  5. Great event guys, sorry I couldn't be there.
  6. Paul Hunt's video is great, they had a brilliant days fishing.
  7. Nice fish, where did you get it from?
  8. Thanks for the info guys, I have some ideas now. The area I fish is loaded with crayfish - so a cray pattern would work. Wolly buggers I guess are always good, with and without a bead head San Juan worm looks very good. I will also tie some pheasant tails. I have loads of Bss and Trout fly boxes. This is the begining of my Carp only selection.
  9. Ok, I have been a fluffchucker since I was 5 years old and a carp fisher as long too. I have just never got round to catching one on the fly. I have the perfect location to sight fish and present flys to carp upto and over 20lb. I have the vice ready and all I need is the inspiration. I know this has probably been asked before but I am looking for the top 5 or 6 goto flys you wouldn't do without in your flybox. Thanks in Advance
  10. Sometimes it's a real bummer having soooo many carp fishing possibilities We are all very fortunate folk
  11. Looking forward to seeing some Erie Monsters.
  12. Does anyone know if there are Alligator Gar in Georgia? - Down south perhaps?
  13. http://www.fishandfly.com/articles/20080619_1
  14. Just to add to this - Trout are not native to many parts of the USA, The Hootch here in Atlanta for example, but they are stocked here. Largemouth Bass are also not native to all the USA and have been introduced elsewhere in this country. Last time I saw a Lionfish in a Marine pet store they were going for around $800!! Any enterprising divers out there?
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