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  1. Last year I came up when your state government was closed and I could not buy a license so we drove to Wisconsin and did some "catch anything fishing". When I am there in July we would interested meeting up for some carp. My son (who lives in Pine Island) just called me Saturday wanting some guidance to catching something other than brim, perch and drum. Unfortunatly I could offer no advice since I am a southerner.
  2. I come to MN once a year in July to visit family.
  3. dturnerfish

    Swim Jumping

    I like fishing with people even if I catch less fish. I like meeting fellow fisherman. And I like to see others catch fish. I get my quiet time when trying new swims. So I guess I don't have this problem, but then there are just not that many carpers in Texas and numerous swims to pick from.
  4. I am a big fan of 30 or 40 pound power pro braid, if you take precaution it will be safe. It is particularly good with running rigs because of its sensitivity (you will see every twitch or bumb) and quick hook ups. Also good when fishing in rocks or pulling fish out of heavy weeds. There are a lot of advantages to a no stretch line. You will also lose less tackle with it. Most hooks or hook lengths will break or bend before it will break. You do have to set your drag right and play the fish differently. The lack of stretch can cause hook pulls if you are not careful. It is also much more expensive but it will lasts for years. I do use mono for float fishing, but that is it. I guess everyone has to find there own preference. I believe my love for running rigs and fishing also for Buffalo pushes me over to the braid camp.
  5. Pointing you rods level or down versus up can help eliminate some of the line bites. It keeps the line closer to the ground.
  6. I believe soaking helps it puff up a bit in a shorter boil. Not sure for the need for dechlorintated water since the chlorine would be disapated before the the boil ended. And maize itself would mask any flavor from it. But then I could be wrong.
  7. Summer time in Texas it can actually help. (the fish biting and the desire to go fishing)
  8. I am David Turner in Dallas. Married with two grown children. DT
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