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  1. Great job, Ivan! Way to get started on the 2011 Carpin' season! I hate to admit that I haven't even gotten a line wet yet this year. I vow to get myself a new PB this year and hope you are there when I do so!!!
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, The registration deadline for the 2010 Red Mill Inn Fall Carp Classic (Sept. 23-25 in Baldwinsville, NY) has been extended to September 6. This is a team event, with registration of $500 per team. Details of the event can be found on my earlier forum post or at www.cnycarp.com, and the rules, registration forms, etc can also be found at www.cnycarp.com. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly at jason@wildcarpcompanies.com, jason@jgbproperties.com, or 315-427-7109 (cell). Thank you for your interest in this event and we hope to see you in Baldwinsville soon! Jason Bernhardt Tournament Host Committee
  3. 2010 Red Mill Inn Fall Carp Classic (Baldwinsville, NY) Schedule September 23-25, 2010 • Competitive angling Friday and Saturday, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm each day, with a peg draw each morning at 7:00 at the Strache Property (7550 State Fair Blvd, Balwinsville). • There will be registration and a welcome event at The Red Mill Inn Thursday from 4:00 – 6:00 pm and the closing event will be held 7:00 – 9:00 pm Saturday evening on tournament grounds. Registration $500 per two-person team Registration and fee due by September 1, 2010. No refunds will be honored after September 5. Registration is limited to the first 25 teams. Registration forms can be found at www.cnycarp.com and should be mailed to The Red Mill Inn. Prizes* $4,000 1st Place Big 4 Fish $1,500 2nd Place Big 4 Fish $1,000 3rd place Big 4 Fish $1,000 Big Fish Overall $500 per section winner for Big 4 (5 sections) (1st – 3rd Place winners will be excluded from their respective sections. The next highest finisher will receive the $500 prize in that section.) Gift certificates from local businesses for door prizes Tackle from participating sponsors *Prize amounts based on 25 team entry. Should less than 25 teams register, all registration fees will be split 80/20 between prize money and tournament expenses. Tournament Rules A complete list of tournament rules can be found at www.cnycarp.com. Questions Feel free to email Jason Bernhardt with any questions at jason@jgbproperties.com.
  4. The CARP TS site listed it as a hybrid, but you might be right, FiSherwood.
  5. From the CARP TS website, this carp hybrid was caught at this year's Northeast Regional in Baldwinsville, NY. You never know what you might catch from the Seneca River!
  6. That's an awesome logo for the 2011 World Championship!
  7. Just confirming for everyone that yes, the tournament is still on, and yes, there are 11 teams registered thus far. I am told the team rosters are going to be published on the online leader board soon. We are using theonlinekeepsack.com for our leader board. There soon will be a link to it on our tournament website, cnycarp.com, once the leader board is ready. Also, a very important announcement that the team registration deadline has been extended by one week in an effort to get as close to our 25 team goal as possible. Regardless of how many teams we get, we will still go with a 80/20 registration fee split for prizes, so prizes may be smaller than we'd hoped, but it will still be a decent payout. The new registration deadline is October 8, 2009. Please inform anyone you may know who has been on the fence about participating. Any questions, feel free to email me at jason@jgbproperties.com or call my cell at 315-427-7109. Thanks, Jason
  8. FYI, just a reminder that the registration deadline for the Red Mill Inn Fall Carp Classic is October 1, 2009, so be sure to sign up soon if you have not already and are planning to attend. Also, we would love for any interested members to assist as weigh marshals if interested. Please contact me via the forum or jason@jgbproperties.com if you'd like to participate or have any questions. Thanks a lot, Jason
  9. Hello, all. I was reading through the comments and wanted to take a moment to address the questions I encountered. I know a lot of the questions were answered by other posts, but here is a complete re-cap of those questions in case anyone missed anything. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact me at jason@jgbproperties.com, as I am on the event committee. Thank you, Jason Bernhardt 315-427-7109 Who's running the tournament? The tournament is being run by the same volunteers in Baldwinsville (Bville) that work with CARP TS for the annual Spring event. This is not a CARP TS event (although we have their support), however, as they will be in Hartford, CT that month. The Bville volunteers wanted to hold a different event that would not be so much of an Iron Man event, hence catering to those who have been to Bville in the past but have chosen not to return because they didn't like the strenuous pace. This will be a lot more manageable for those folks as there will be a break in fishing each night. Are the prizes guaranteed? The prize amounts are based on 25 teams participating, which will be our maximum allowance. If we do not get all 25 teams, all prize money will be an 80/20 split of registry revenue. I am confident we will be able to fill all slots and the prize amounts will be in full. Concerns about the 140 lb Big 4 grand prize. Sure, 140 lbs for your Big 4 will not be an easy task, but it is also not impossible (previous Bville tournament high was 39 lb). We would have liked to make that amount lower, but it would've been far too expensive for the insurance policy at 130 lbs or less. I guess that goes to show you the underwriters are not carp fishermen or else they probably could have gotten us a better deal! Is there a website for this information? Visit www.cnycarp.com or go to www.theredmillinn.com. The CNY site has the registration form that you can print and mail in with payment. You can also call The Red Mill Inn at 315-635-4871. Just leave your contact information and a committee member will return your call shortly thereafter. I would like to attend, but I already made my vacation plans for this year. The Bville host committee would like to make this Fall tourney an annual event. If you cannot make it this year, look forward to next year. What is the deal with the 5 team groups? Assuming we have 25 teams, all teams will randomly draw an assigned group. You will be competing not only against the entire field for the top prizes, but also against your own group of 5 for a winner of that group, or section. It is important to note that the overall tournament Big 4 winner will not be eligible to win their individual sectional prize of $500; that prize will go to that section's 2nd place finisher. The reason for this set up is to create as many prize opportunities as possible. Where are the peg locations? For those of you familiar with the Spring event, the 25 teams will all be located on Duke Strache's property on Route 48, a couple miles outside the village of Bville and on the same street as The Red Mill Inn. That is where the majority of teams have been the 3 years of the Spring event, and that location has supplied many of our previous Top 3 finishers in the Spring. How many teams have registered so far? I do not know the exact figure right now, but I can tell you we have already had 6 local Bville teams commit and a couple more have already called in to register from outside the area. I have also seen a few people on this thread express their interest, so I think to say 10 teams have already showed their commitment would not be an overstatement. There are still 2 months to get teams registered, so I am confident we will be able to reach our goal of 25 teams. Why is this event not held during the summer? It is conflicting with salmon season and other seasonal fishing. We certainly could not hold this event close to the Spring event, so the only logical choice would be the Fall. There were too many September events in the village, so this weekend was the best fit. Also, weeds play a big role in this decision. By the time the event happens Oct 23 and 24, the weeds will have subsided from the shoreline and it will be much, much easier to land carp without incident. Will there be a special room rate for anglers at The Red Mill Inn? If you go to The Red Mill Inn website, you will see an image on the left hand side that says "Special Offer for Carp Anglers." Click that link and it will open an ad for 15% off your first night stay and a $20 gift certificate for Resistance Tackle or Big Carp Tackle for your second night stay. That offer is good all year, including during the tournament. Of course, the offer is based on availability, so book your room soon. Other lodging in Bville to consider if the RMI is full, and please consider these because they have been ongoing sponsors of our Spring event, are Wingate Inn (315-701-5000) and Hampton Inn (315-622-3443). I am unaware of any special rates they may wish to enact for the tournament, so feel free to call and check. Any other questions? Thanks again and I'll be looking forward to seeing and competing with you in Bville this October! By the way, that photo is of me with my p.b. 28 lb 5 oz caught earlier this year from the Seneca River.
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