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  1. Thanks guys ! It really is a beast, had some real fun waste deep in the water reeling that thing in !
  2. Thanks Barb !!! I wish it to EVERYONE, even the people that dislike me. Its a great experience ! The 50 will come one day, either here or Europe soon enough. Not in a rush, everything happens for a reason and it takes time !! Have a cold one on me .
  3. I believe it has been a good spring for me, after the six day session, which resulted in 30+ fish, six over 30+ and one at 44.4lb, I managed to get out few times localy and get few more fish with one breaking my US Common Carp PB. I caught six fish from 7:30am till 2pm, low to mid 20s, with one just a little over 27lb ! The fish hit at around 10:30, 11am. This was so far the BEST fight I have ever had. It leteraly took me for a 25 minute spin around the swim, and taking around 100 yards of burning line. I was upto my waste in water, due to the fact that the fish ran so much it was cutting my playing space. Also I was ufraid of the boats that were around. It was unstopble. I was baiting up the swim with K-1 Fruity Peach boilies, fishing with, yellow cherry pop ups and Pineapple Apple STB corn. Well it was a whooping 41lb 8oz, which crushed my previous US PB at 36+. Enjoy, and I wish everyone to experience the adrenaline I had fighting this fish..
  4. With all the reports lately I guess its my turn now . My intensions were spending few days chasing the big belly girls. Weather has been on and off lately, but once again I had timed it perfectly, and it was on my side. I caught over 30 fish, from 3lb to a recapture which hit the scale at 44lb 4oz. Few high 20's, and 6 fish over the 30lb mark. I wont go much in detail, because I will let you guys find out more in the article which will be in the next NACA magazine. I want to thank K-1 Baits, Mihai, Bogdan, Istvan for the great bait and useful tips to make this trip work, also Alin who worked on the pictures and did some retouching. Here is a 44lb 4oz, which I had captured last year at 42lb. A magnificent common coming in at, 36lb 2oz. Last but not least, a 28lb two tone mirror. Please follow me for more pictures and reports. NOTE !!! THIS IS NOT ALL !!!
  5. Well as i have mentioned before we are all here for one reason only, to support carp angling in the states, doe not matter if its Paylaking or euro, i dont see where all the hate is coming from towards "euro wannabes". If you did get bored of the euro tips, maybe you should go ahead and post some paylaking tips ?!?!? Or if people are not happy with the "group" go head and make your self a better forum "paylakers group". This is Carp Anglers Group, we are all bonded in one to support others needs and introduce fishing, how ever you can, puffs, boilies, pack, or groundbait. Tight lines Lads ! )
  6. I keep on reading this and it all tells me once again.. "paylakers" all about competition. At least in our eyes "euro wanabes" we like to fish mostly for fun-big fish. We dont want to be the best !!! We are who we are, and we are free to do whatever WE WANT... We believe our method is better and you believe your method is better, but we like to step out of the box a bit and experiment, while some of you wont experiment, and claim your the best without even trying anything els.. I have nothing against paylaking, maybe just a better fish care and less bragging about tournaments because this its NOT all about them... How many days out of the year do you guys spend under the skys bivvying up or whatever you want to call it "tenting" up, lets not count the 2-3 day tournaments ... Anyway as i have said for the most "euro wanabes" its all about pleasure, happiness, and relaxation.. On The Boilie !! Cheers, and excuse my grammer lets not forget I am a "Euro Wanabe"...
  7. As i have mentioned, does not matter who uses what, WE HAVE BIGGER CONCERNS, than what gear and bait we use... Unfortunately we all are different and use what ever suits our needs.. Paylakers seem to be more of a "who is the best" competitive, while the "euro wannabes" enjoy what they do to the point where, we want to have nice gear, be conformable and enjoy the bank and nights spend in the wild. Yes I like to have nice gear, because this is part of my fishing.. This makes me happy, it feels my heart with joy and happines, to be organized and have everything i need in certain situations. This is what makes me happy, its not being at work spending the days on the water. I dont really care who has better bait than me or catches more fish than me, because i do this as a sport/hobby to satisfy my own needs, not the paylakers needs or other euro anglers. Cheers !!!! I consider my self as a "euro wanabe" born and raised in Europe
  8. In my opinion, believing only one thing is very close minded, living within walls that you can not break. As some people mentioned, taking techniques and tactics from euro and paylaking will make you a better angler in general, combining the two styles can be interesting. The sad part is that this carp fishing is dog eat god thing in USA, i believe we have more important things to worry about than arguing over something so simple.. People are free to use whatever rocks their boat and that does not make them a good angler or a bad angler. We are all here for one reason, SUPPORT AND INTRODUCE CARP FISHING IN USA !! We have tons of bow fisherman who kill tons of carp every year, sittin here arguing over something that has been going on for year wont help us in anyway, will just turn new anglers down !!! My point of view !!! Cheers Ivan
  9. Yea im sure its true i meant general average. Misspelled ..
  10. No need of this argument.. Its been going for year and years it will never stop.. Both methoods work, one for numbers, one for bigger fish.. End of story.. We all use what satisfies us and our needs.. Happy New Year all !!!
  11. Good read, and great fish !! Good job Mike..
  12. Honestly i dont think i have fished much pop ups on the hair this year. Besides 12mm. This is how it will be from now on, either chod rigs, or 360 rigs for pop ups. Very pleased with the Choddy.. Very good hook ups and no hook pulls.
  13. Well i decided to put few pictures together from 2013 since its almost over. I can say it was a truly great year for me, with lots of good laughs, sharing the banks with friends, and few nice fish. Would like to Thank K-1 Baits for supporting me with such great bait and knowledge to carp fishing. I have spend most of my time this year fishing boilies mostly. 95% of my fish have been caught on K-1 Boilies, the rest 5% on K-1 Maize. Favorite rigs of this year were, the Chod Rig which hAs banked me most of my bigger fish, also lets not forget about the Blow Back Rig, which i have used a lot this year as well and has done about the same damage as the Chod. Favorite Flavor of boilies are, Toffee, JTF, Pineapple Ice cream, Squid and Strawberry, Juicy Tutty Fruity Pineapple. Pop Ups and Bottom baits have caught me a fair share. Enjoy guys, Happy Holidays !!
  14. Brian ilnothing is more better to see someoe catch a fish like this, when you have supported gear, bait, venue, ect for them.. The feeling is amaizing !!! Theres not one % of jealousy in me, for this guy.. All a pleasure to share the bank with him !!
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