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  1. I can't get the link to work. Says: "Domain name for sale" when I click on it. As far as a white Clouser goes, I did fish successfully a fly that I called a white rabbit. It was a simple tie: White rabbit hair tail, dubbed white rabbit fur, red white wrap in the style of a woolly bugger, and a silver bead. There was no hackle in it so it wasn't a bead headed woolly bugger. I tied it with a white rabbit skin and so I called it a white rabbit so I knew what I was talking about. I didn't invent anything. I have this pet peeve about people saying they invented a fly when it is a vari
  2. Fish like that will convert a brookie fisherman in a hurry. I started this pursuit over 10 years ago, as a TU member looking for some recreational fishing closer to home when gas prices were higher. After 10 years and owning property in prime brook trout waters, I still prefer to chase carp. One season, I spent 66 days on the water and didn't keep a single trout - all catch and release. Then it dawned on me. If I am just doing the catching for fun, why not have something on the other end of the line that pulls harder? A carp, fly fisherman was released from the bonds of those that t
  3. Good deal Barry. Glad that you liked the idea. Chayathecat, I have some people that I consider friends that don't get my passion for chasing these fish. I tell them, one year I spent 66 days on the water as recorded in my journal. I kept zero trout. So now instead of driving hours just to release brook trout and maybe a 14 or 15" brown, I catch true 10 and even 20 pounders on my fly rod with flies that I tie myself. My goal is a true 30 one day soon. The drug is the TUG! Like many others on this board, I will fly a carp flag proudly.
  4. So which one or ones did you end up with Barry? There are many types and styles available.
  5. Anyone chase carp out of a boat or kayak and think about flying a carp flag. Found these cheap on Ebay from China: http://www.ebay.com/itm/55cm-150cm-Japanese-Windsock-Carp-Flag-Garden-Koi-Nobori-Sailfish-Wind-Streamer-/201560009014?var=&hash=item2eede9a936:m:mEC6-lte0Sw3AQNLWsqUQUg What started this is that many Kayakers fly a blaze orange safety flag so that you don't get run over by bigger boats. So if I am going to fly a flag anyhow, why not a carp flag. Almost thought of buying multiple ones and running them up the mast like marlin fisherman each time I land one on the fl
  6. I have an inexpensive Kayak that is designed to stand up in and fish. I would love a Hobbie Mirage Pro Angler but the $4k price tag is not for me. I think my dream, within reason kayak, is a NuCanoe Pursuit but they are still $1600 +. Maybe one day on a used Pursuit - I found one locally for $1300 used but that is still too rich. I bought an Emotion Stealth Pro Angler. Check out the youtube video (not my video): Emotion Stealth Pro Angler Here's another video: Facebook Happypaddlin Emotion Stealth Pro Angler The Stealth Pro was only $599 and I found that to be a good price on
  7. I've been out about 4 or 5 times this year and only put the line in the water just a half doz times. I only fish when I see fish and I just haven't seen many fish this year in my normal spots. I bought a kayak this year and plan on chasing larger fish in new locations. I only hope to catch some fish like Rwar. I'm glad that you are finding the fish and that your pink SJ pattern did it for you. Congrats on a nice outing and a nice fish.
  8. Caught 4 commons the same day (last Thursday - just posting the story now). This one was one of the nicer fish.
  9. I had a client reschedule an apt so I had a small block of time available. I ran to the river with fly rod in tow. As I was checking out places where I had good experiences in the past I finally found a group of carp feeding on the surface and just below in a current break along a scum line. While I like to throw weighted flies in other situations, this time the presentation called for a very neutrally boyant fly. If it weighted too much it sank right past their feeding zone at too fast of a pace. One the things that I have done more often is that if I find a pattern that I like but the f
  10. When doing this look at John's screen shot closely. I was in my profile area trying to find how to get this done. It's in the custom section once in the forum. Thanks John for the tips. I was dissapointed that the threads of Old were gone. Glad that they are still here. Much appreciate your help and looking forward to posting again in a wonderful place with others of common interests. Thanks again for bringing this section back.
  11. That was good timing. I've been off of the board for a while and now have my old spot to hang around again. Are all of the old posts gone forever? There was a lot of good stuff in there. Checking in and considering hitting a small stream with my fly rod tomorrow. Temps suppose to be in the upper 40s F and looking to present a nice simple leach pattern to my local small stream carp.
  12. Nice video, enjoyed it. Camera man did a good job. Wonderful capture. Most painful part about watching this video was it reminded me that I lost my Broden Ghost Coho net last year. Still a painful memory since I loved that net. Will have to buy another one sometime. Rick
  13. Great job Dave, glad to hear that you are still chasin' them. I was recently thinking about "technique" and how it is very dependant on conditions and how you want to chase them. Glad that you have a new weapon in your arsenal. Rick
  14. Glad that you guys had fun! Congrats on what looks to be a grand time had by all. Rick
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