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  1. I'm a fan of the Mustad 34007. I love the stainless O'shaugnessy style hooks. In general I like a 2X short shank hook so I can up size the hook gape while maintaining the size fly profile. This allows me to get more steel into the lip and thus a better hold.
  2. Definitely the best fly swap I've participated in. Thanks for hosting McTage!
  3. HOME: It was a slow year back home due to the high river levels all year long, but I managed to catch this chunky bigmouth buffalo back in early March 2010. ABROAD:My first Columbia river carp, caught in the company of John Montana and Mr. P back in May 2010.
  4. I'm always good for a swap. count me in.
  5. John you like like a ninja in that one photo. Outstanding catches. love those mirrors!
  6. I will dead drift a clam long the bottom of a run. I put just enough weight to get my fly to tumble along the bottom. You know what they say about nymping: if you're not occaisionally getting snagged, you're not fishing deep enough to hit bottom.a just one word advice when fishing the clam, bring a long shanked hemostat or forceps/pliers. Fish will swallow a clam deep in order to crush it with their pharyngeal teeth. Prepare for a deep hook and an aggressive take.
  7. you're too kind Rick. I would have posted some new patterns but I haven't had a chance to field test them yet
  8. Here are a few bigmouths from last fall: I've never had the chance to fish to smallmouth buffs, but I know Carpflyfisher (Mike Grose) used to post on this board and has battled with some smallmouth buffs on the fly. You can check him out over at Free State Fly Fishers club, the Lawrence KS FFF club. He's got a bunch of good patterns, including his Carp Candy. I've got a bunch of buff patterns on my blog. I've caught bigmouth buffs on anything from san juan worms, scuds, chironomid patterns, to a bunch of my patterns like the Antron Special, Men in Black and Roughfisher's Swimming Nymph, and the Darth Clam. Here are a few photos of them: Good Luck
  9. the new buff looks good John. nice to see you got yourself a few more mirrors.
  10. that's a great photo and nice fish too Jim
  11. haha Rick you've got it right, there is a fold out handwarmer/pocket pouch inside my waders. my mega gut was rocking it like a kangaroo pouch. I had my fly boxes, a spool of tippet, and a waterproof camera sitting in there. Minimalist for sure. Here's a few more photos of the trip. Like the other fellas, full report and more photos are on the blog
  12. a word to the wise out there, using scent on flies in some states can be considered fishing a lure/bait, a ticketable offense in fly only waters. just saying.
  13. Sweet feesh John. Looking forward to my visit, just over a week away. I can't wait to get my hands on one of those sumos.
  14. Also these Mustads are a standard wire hook http://www.mustad.no/catalog/product.php?id=177 They are nicely priced over at hook and hackle http://shop4.mailordercentral.com/hookhack...ts.asp?dept=569
  15. These scud hooks from Togen's are only 1X strong and lighter. http://www.togenenterprises.com/catalog/it...219/3965756.htm
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