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  1. Name - Rick Cox CAG Forum Name - River Rick State of Residence - Ohio State of 2015 FFF venue - Ohio
  2. Just a heads up Im plannin a FFF on the GMR. I'll be posting more details in the near future
  3. Just want to say thank you to AF Bob,Jerome and all that Put together the 21st CCC I had a good time
  4. LOL yep thats my story too Bob OOps I see now I have been posting on the wrong thread. My bad
  5. Its always good to spend time on the bank with friends.I really enjoyed it. All I can talk about is the one that got away. Thanks Bob for all that you do.
  6. Im gonna make this one maybe Friday evening Saturday mornin for sure
  7. It would be my pleasure to have you anytime Mike
  8. This weekend some of my friends from out of town and local anglers got together and fished the GMR in Hamilton. We had a great time and caught around 100 fish no biggies but tons of fun just the same.Larry Kinsler was kind enough to bring his camper and let everyone use it for what they needed .Many thanks to Larry for being so gracious.Denty AKA the professor from Columbus along with Gary and Chris Law and their families were down we all had a good time unfortunately my camera was not working so I dont have any pictures .This was all unplanned just seemed to happen. Hope to see you all on th
  9. Happy Birthday Bob looking forward to seeing you all Saturday
  10. I been ponderin float fishin I like the DIY Idea thanks for sharin
  11. Many Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers they are working I'm on the mend now and looking for open water thanks again Rick
  12. Your name: Rick Cox Your CAG forum name: River Rick Your state or province of residence :Ohio If it differs from your residence, the state or province of your FFF 2014 venue: Ohio Junior (17 or under as of 1/1/14)?:
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