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  1. Did he just say that?!!?, Now that was funny! Like Tim said "It beats working"!!!
  2. Billy "Coweta Carper" Walden. Married with 2 boys and a step daughter, my boys are 12 and 16, daughter 23. I am proud to be part of the Captains Crew!! My background is paylaking and I usually fish paylake style. Just something about the way the rod swings on a run when in a paylake style rod holder. Enjoy sharing what I have learned and helping others catch carp. I really enjoy helping kids catch, I guess thats why mine usually outfish me now! Fishing is not the same as catching, but I enjoy them both. I would rather spend a day fishing with friends than haulin by myself! You always need a g
  3. Awesome, glad Jake hauled and glad "Frog" made it out to see ya today. Very cool mirror, Great pics!!! EDIT-----spelling
  4. 56kg = 123.45 lbs I'm more likely to believe it was 56lbs!!!!!
  5. I want a Koi!!!!! I know we've talked about going, I'm just jealous!!! I love how everyone is different. edit------spelling
  6. Joe congrats on the new PB!!!!! That place is definitely on my list for the fall, glad you caught 'em!!
  7. We had a great time, it was a wonderful day with a bunch of wonderful guys!!!!
  8. Bird- or the WS P.O.P!!! Way to go Horace, looks like you guys had a blast!!!
  9. Shall we just call you guys the "Carpinators"!! Excellent report, loved the "very proper pulldown" caught on video!!!
  10. Looks like a good spot, keep me posted on the details.
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