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  1. I was so shocked the other night when I received the call. It never occurred to me that I might get recognized for something that comes so natural to me. I am truly humbled and appreciative. As for Max.....well he is speechless
  2. Here are a few photos from our recent Florida Trip. The Woodruff Dam. Above it lays Lake Seminole. Below it begins the Apalachicola River which flows 100 miles before spilling into the Gulf of Mexico: Here is a new drink called “Cool Dad on the Rocks” A few more scenes from this trip…… The Old Victory Bridge: Below the Dam The Honey Hole High Water
  3. Sunday Thoughts 1/22/12 There are some people who enjoy restoring antique furniture. Others may be interested in the restoration of old cars and trucks. To restore means to make something like new again. Even after Peter denied Jesus three times Jesus restored him. After his restoration he became one of the greatest evangelists and church planters ever!! Perhaps you have failed God (and we all have) and need some restoration. If that is the case then come see us this morning as we look at...

  4. I have now reached a total of 1950 Facebook “friends”. But I really must make a confession. To be truthful, 2-3 of my "friends" are only acquaintances (You know who you are). Come see us!

  5. Maximus Relaximus (The Ultimate Carp Hound) and I have yet to strike Gold in 2012. Due to the fact that it will be 57 degrees with little wind tomorrow we are heading to Sandy Springs!! If you happen to be in the area of Morgan Falls Dam and want to join us or just come see us we would be delighted!! Stay tuned for a possible L&R 2012 debut!!

  6. Pat: The fish pictures are all incredible! In reality, every one of them is a winner. Thanks for putting them all together & for all that you do. The Caravan keeps on rollin’ !!
  7. I agree Jerome!!!!
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen: I caught this sure to be award winning fish several years ago in the Chattahoochee ("The Hooch") River south of Downtown Atlanta. It weighed 9 lbs even and for me it was a very exciting catch!!! Come see us!
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