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  1. Who doesn't love PAM.
  2. Congrats PP. Great guy who's been around CAG for over two decades!
  3. It's been a while since I looked at my carp photos, but most have seen these two already.
  4. Yeah, you never know when Scott might try and hug you shirtless.
  5. http://blogs.suntimes.com/bowman/2008/11/r...f_the_we_1.html Off the Carp Times news feed, Paul showing Chicago what carp fishing's about Nice!
  6. Two carp in one hour without pre-baiting in cold weather is good stuff.
  7. Dave doing some PR! http://www.myoutdoortv.com/video/video.php...tb40k5Xdyr2h8Gu I love the music, where can I buy the soundtrack?
  8. Pre-baiting always yields a higher percentage of catching carp. During cold weather the key is consistency. This means bait type, day, and time of day. Carp, and most fish in general, learn to feed in patterns. If you continuously pre-bait an area for days in a row at the same hour you'll catch carp there barring any outstanding circumstances.
  9. I need to stock a small pond with a large carp and just feed it non stop for a few years. After he's over the WR weight I'll toss in his food with my hook attached...
  10. Congrats Tim. And his gesture at the CCC with Dick was straight class. That type of comrade is few and far between these days.
  11. New video about the TOC per News 3 Hartford, CT. Townson interviewed...Tim also...good video. http://www.wfsb.com/video/17724962/index.html
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