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  1. I'll be back next year....pending on a plane ticket haha
  2. Here is a couple photos of the prize table to include a st croix avid carp rod.
  3. . The actual fishing schedule is 8am to 4pm Saturday August 24th, and 8am to 2pm August 25th, followed by the awarding of prizes at 2:30pm at the Page Park Pavillion.
  4. you dont need to bring anything unless you want to. as for the address i dont think the pavillion has an address but the name of the park is Page Park. Its behind the high school. Route 2 (Lincoln Highway) then turn onto Chuck Vali Drive and take a right when you reach the river. The HQ is the pavillion. Thanks!!!
  5. Supposed to stop later today and we have all Friday to let it settle.should be great fishing!
  6. Trying to find one or two kind souls that want to help with being stewards this weekend if we need you. Let me know!
  7. I'll be there! Gotta leave early on Sunday still, boo! I think I have some laundry bags laying around that I'll bring.
  8. Well according to the forum there is only one member that has a referral in the system. I'm waiting for Willem to return home from business to double check the number and ensure that its correct.
  9. Ill be pulling up the numbers and seeing where we stand today. Hopefully there's some competition! I'll draw the winner on August 1st.
  10. talked to larry today. the event is still on he's just waiting for a couple emails to post prizes. if anyone is interested in being a steward then let him know, the more help the better.
  11. I just checked on how this is going... Only ONE member has a referral. Come on guys we all we can do better than that!!!
  12. Gonna wet my lines tomorrow...but where is the question!

  13. With the spring coming into effect and everyone is starting to get out onto the back a little more I have decided to try and boost our membership numbers a little bit. In the following message I will explain how the membership drive program will work and what the rewards are. The “drive” will go every three months. During the three month period if you refer someone that subsequently joins CAG and puts you down as the referral you are entered into the drawing. One entry per referral. I got away from the idea of whomever gets the most is the winner due to it being easier on some than others. This way everyone has a chance at winning even if they refer one person but you get better chances with more referrals. The drawing will be done using Random.org. I will assign your name to the numbers (including any extra entries you may have) and the website will pick the winner. As of right now the prize for the winner will be a $100 visa gift card (or I can PayPal gift the money). I am personally funding this project to see how it works before involving CAG funds and will be talking with sponsors as well to see what we can do. I went with this as a prize because it will allow you to buy what you want from any vendor, on whatever you want. So folks this is something new and refreshing and I hope to get a good response and participation. The Program is going to start on May 1st 2013 so start talking to some friends and take them carping!!! For those needing help about how to get a referral added under their account please refer to this link and you can see exactly how. http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/topic/47966-referrals/ Thank you and I hope to share some bank time with all of you one day. Tight Lines, Zach Testa V.P.
  14. Diggs, I also think the peach n pepper are awesome!
  15. Can you message me the details on how you get it shipped? If you're willing to.divulge that info? None wants to ship it to the states
  16. Just wondering if we have any sources for sticky baits products in the states.... Running low on one of my favorite big fish baits
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