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  1. Spectacular event! Seeing all the old crew was awesome. Can't wait to see the full write ups! 🍻
  2. We just turned on the free delivery option for the ATC!! Minimum $50 subtotal before it will show up as an option. Cutoff will be Noon of the 20th. As always we will be open for those traveling through to stop and pickup stuff on the way down.
  3. I forgot to post the capture of my new PB koi on the forum for those that do not use Facebook! Instead of rewriting a post I've shared a link to the story and video! http://www.bigcarp.news/web/videos/new-pb-koi-suburban-banks-video/
  4. CAG should get ahold of these guys
  5. Bernie has now been enshrined into the land of YouTube. http://www.bigcarp.news/web/videos/classic-carp-fishing-video-from-bernie-haines/
  6. Also on our Big Carp News website as well.
  7. I am everywhere and nowhere. I hear nothing yet hear everything
  8. We’re still around and check in now and then. Probably won’t get conoflex though so can’t help you there.Thanks for for the kind words and of course the business. Wouldn’t be around without you guys!!!
  9. The damage from the 360 rig was mostly attributed to the swivel part getting tangled in the net mesh and if/when the fish flopped the force would tear their mouth.
  10. I plan on being "that guy" that calls the marshal even though it's smaller than our smallest on the board!
  11. I'll weigh my teams fish! I figure it'll lighten the load for the marshalls to not come by every 20 minutes
  12. The slow sinking corn is still slightly buoyant as it's designed to sink with the weight of the hook. It you drop it in a bowl you will see that it floats. Tap it or squeeze it and it will sink to the bottom and waft around slightly.
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