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  1. FFF Kansas this year for me. Name - Jim Rink CAG name - JPR1 Residence - Kansas Fishing in KS and MO Junior - No
  2. Hello Dr. Kirk, I am Frank's brother...Jim Rink. I moved to Leawood, KS about a year ago...and haven't had the time to find good carp fishing spots in the KC area. Do you have any suggesetions? Jim Rink
  3. Hank, I'm going to fish in KS instead of traveling to Illinois for the FFF. My co-drvier decided to stay home and the twins wore me out. Thanks for organizing the FFF again. Jim
  4. I would like to register for FFF 2017. Your name: Jim Rnk Your CAG forum name: JPR1Your state or province of residence: Kansas The state or province of your FFF 2017 fishing venue, if it differs from your residence: IllinoisJunior (17 or under as of 1/1/17)?: No
  5. Larry... I did some research on the lifespan of a screech owl. Although it's always tough to lose a pet...Hootie had a good run. Ten years is the normal life span for a screech owl. Jim
  6. I'll be fishing with my brother on Jan 1, 2016...in Joliet, IL. Name - Jim Rink CAG forum name - JPR1 Residence - Kansas FFF Venue - Illinois Junior - No
  7. Larry...I just looked through the prize bucket for first fish...finally looking at the bottom of the bucket. There were five susan b anthony dollar coins in the bucket. WOW...thank you!!! Thank you, Larry, for running another great 5 bridges event, and being so generous with prizes, lunch and your grand hospitality. Thank you, my brother Frank, for letting me win the first fish bucket prize. Larry actually caught the first fish...Frank caught the second fish...and I caught the third fish of the day. Larry didn't take the first fish prize...Frank said he wouldn't take the first fish prize if he placed in the top three. He finished first. Jim Rink
  8. I wish I could be there, Frank and Larry. We're still moving into the new house. I'll be there next time. Jim
  9. JPR1

    2 Christmas Presents

    Nice going, Ray. Do you always fish at Peg 9, in front of the fountain, while in Joliet? It looks like your photos are from peg 9. Jim Rink
  10. Jim Reynolds...We'll capture carp on December 13th. We can't catch any fewer than we did on Saturday. I'll, also, be there on December 13th. Jim Rink
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