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  1. I would like to extend a hardy THANK YOU!!! to Willem. Without his patient help and forebarence in assisting me to first re-establish my account on the website and walking me through the Big 4 registration process. Those of you who remember me will probably remember my INternet ILiteracy, and wordy opinionated posts. Well thanks to Willem I'M BACK. THANK YOU AGAIIN WILLEM, TIGHT LINES. JB
  2. Trying to download Big 4 patch

  3. jbrown

    Big 4 label

    I downloaded and printed the big 4 rules on the 29th. It included a green big 4 label. I'm assuming the downloaded label is the one used for the tournament. Is this correct? I saw how in the past the right label could only be downloaded after the big 4 started to stop people from entering fish caught before the starting date.
  4. Would you kindly direct me to the one site where I might sign up for the Spring Big 4?
  5. Forgot to add pics of Andies fish.
  6. Started my program for Lake Michigan Carp by chuming spots I had encountoured carp during my 45 years of trout fishing. (finally have time to do it). In honor of Prez Andrew Sprinkle's 33rd Birthday I caught a 34 inch 32# 8oz carp. A fatty. Close as I could get to 33, Andy. Hope you had a great one. The really BIG NEWS IS I and an Eagle Scout buddy hit the spot for Coho on Saturday and repeatedly saw several fish more than 2 times the size of this one. HUUUUUGE GOLDEN, REALLY GOLDEN FISH THAT WOULDN'T FIT IN A WHEEL BARROW. TALES 2 FEET WIDE!!!!! NOT 18 INCHES, 2 FEET. We had noodle rods with 6 # and 4 # test line and couldn't do anything about these fish. Until I got out today. The biggies had done their thing and gone but plenty of 20/30's around. I've marked the date and intend to be hitting this and other spots as the year passes and years to come. jb
  7. I hope you liked the update Jerome. I'll pledge a $25.00 gift certificate for BBA mechancise. to TAKC. jbrown@betterbankanglers.com
  8. Frank Bahr just donated $10.00 to CAG for kids programs. He will recieve a quart of Better Bank Anglers Tournament Grade Corn Baits as a thank you from CAG and BBA. THANKS AGAIN FRANK AND TIGHT LINES. JB
  9. Hey Jim, I just bought a 5 year membership. Could you please add it to my current membership at the end of August? My old CAG card is getting a bit beat up. Any chance of getting anew one?

  10. I'm sure your new rods are beautiful and you love them. Recently fished the coast of Oregon with the head of the fishing regulations department. He had shrink tubing over the handles of his rods that had a rough outer surface. Provided great non slip grip and protected the handles. Could easily be removed with no damage to the handle. Just a thought. Good luck and tightlines. jb
  11. I just had an idea for CAG to honor and support the World Cup in the USA this year and further on. How about a CAG tournament in advance of the Cup with a $25.00 entry fee per person, 2 person teams. This would be run by state chairs or members who sign up to do so. This could be a one day event or longer, your choice per state. The proceeds would be used to sponsor an official Team USA and help off set their costs. $5.00 per entry would go to the CAG for cost associated and the rest to an already registered USA team at the World Cup. Initially this would go to a team with it's members who catch the Highest Weight in this Pre-Tournament event. A good warm up for them and it would create interest and publicity for both the CAG and the World Cup. CAG members and TEAM USA MAY FISH ANY STATE THE CHOOSE!!! Members interested in fishing the Cup can practice against members fishing the Cup and both stand out members and venues would be high lighted on the CAG website and others. This tournament would help develop Tournament fisherman and woman and could eventually establish a fund to allow USA Teams of our best anglers to enter into WCs in other countries. Many already established tournament series could easily set one in the series as the WC pre-tourney. Newspapers and websites would pick up on the world class significance and promote it with coverage. Future sights for World Class Tournaments would be established and anglers could fish them year round. Some of these sights would pull in vacationers both USA and other countries. Local DNR's looking to boost their budgets would point to these tourneys as increased tourism with Carp as the target species furthering CAG goals. Make it the same format as WC point system, etc. 5 two person teams minimum and pre-registration with the CAG would be required. Your thoughts would be appreciated and perhaps this can be put up for a vote if needed. jb
  12. Glad to see you two are still going strong. You both are an ispiration to us all. I heard Niki is with child. Best wishes and good health to you and yours. jb
  13. Looking to do a 24 to 48 hour session at the Mississipi near Davenport or 3 Rivers area of Peoria. Need Safe bank access to bivy up and fish hard. Been river fishing all my life but haven't hit those areas since I was a kid. Fond memories. Probably have 2 Cagers with me. Any info, email me at jbrown@betterbankanglers.com Thanks. jb
  14. Jerry Brown here, CAG Sec. looking to do a 24 to 48 hour session on either the Mississipi or 3 Rivers area of Peoria. Looking for safe bank fishing sites for possible overnight sessions. Safety and accessability a concern. I'm a tackle tart but fish heavey and hard. Going the 8th and 9th of September. Probably have 2 other CAGers with me. Reccomendations on resturaunts etc. are nice. Thanks. jb email me at jbrown@betterbankanglers.com
  15. The method is still the way to go right now as we 3 anglers caught 10 15# plus carp and 6 or 7, under 10 # in 3 hours. This under bluebird skies and 75 degree temps. Saturday is predicted at 68 for a high with clouds but no rain. Should fish better. Second warm night of the year for this area and the fish are definitely prespawn. Only one female the last 2 days, about 12 # and full of eggs. All todays fish were males in very good health and strong. One one of the small ones was a very nice scaled mirror. See you all there. jb
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