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  1. he loved the Boetje's mustard i got him , i hope he never runs out of it now, good buy till we meet again Sam .
  2. Hi Bud it's not the same as the old days we are used to is it. they are leaving us behind, the old the blind the sick.
  3. Maybe if you to tell us why you can't afford the right gear, and what kind of gear you are looking for. That would give us an better understanding of your situation. then maybe you might get some help.
  4. It's not tackle you use but how you use it that hooks the fish. search for some underwater videos of carp feeding and see how they take the bait., so if it's slack line or bolt rig you use you will catch more fish if you know how carp feed.
  5. I fish a river and I chum with corn, I dump the water from the corn in the river to attract fish from downstream. I chum for three days in advance of when I plan on fishing. But you should be sure your spot kolds fish, my spot has deep water just out from were I cast my bait.
  6. It's an ezip trailz 24 volt electric bike with a range of 10 miles, or 15 miles if I do some of the petaling.
  7. ​I wish I could have gotten a ride to lake storey for this event. I had my gear all ready but alas it was not to be. I do remember years past and all the fun we had, like when the racoon got into your tent and got your bread. And when you guys thought I was going to fall into the fire. And when Dave caught the fish with my hook link in its mouth from when I lost it in the weeds. Heres hoping there will be more good times to come.
  8. He was only checking the lake level he hasn't told me of any fish, and he said with the lake dropping he didn't think it would be good nud wise.
  9. I don't know about this year, but in the past it had to be an umbrella or a shelter open on one side no closed tents. If you come down I 88 and 74 I could lend you my fox umbrella like the one in the photo if you would take good care of it. And of course return it to me when the event is over. I make the offer because it don't look like I I have a ride to the lake on Friday or Saturday .
  10. Howard said the lake is still dropping, so bring your wellies.
  11. This is what I had in the trailer. most everything I need except the fishes runs on my rod.
  12. Thanks i went over bumps and took corners fast and every thing stayed in place, so I think i'm good to go.
  13. Photos my fishing bike after the shakedown ride around my home,just in case of problems. but al is well with the setup.
  14. The trailer my carp gear, chair,rods,chum bucket and so on. I'll take a photo when I load it up.
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