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  1. Hi Bud it's not the same as the old days we are used to is it. they are leaving us behind, the old the blind the sick.
  2. The hope is that CAG can bring back the NACA when CAG gets the funds. It was stopped because CAG didn't have the funds to carry on having it printed. I don't have the information to tell you where it's going at this point, maybe some one who does will speak up until then play nice.
  3. OK here are the two I left off my first post just for the big w
  4. Hey Jim, I just bought a 5 year membership. Could you please add it to my current membership at the end of August? My old CAG card is getting a bit beat up. Any chance of getting anew one?

  5. I have a how I did it story that ran on the forum in 04 and won me the CCC damn yankee award and ran in the NACA that year. I have the copy and photos if you would want to go with the story. let me know.
  6. Then don't bid on them, others may like to have them.
  7. Hey mickey, can i please change my display name... I was told to contact you if i wanted to change it. THanks, Nate...

  8. Phone I think Bill will tell you to stand and wait by your mail box for it. Mickey and Jim
  9. hawg I got three from Iain I first got two from him then I got the last old model that he had before he got the new ones Mickey and Jim first class
  10. The threads on UK alarms are 3/8-20 B.S.W. I don't know the threads used on the other one Mickey and Jim
  11. Carpchaser It's on carp tackel page 2 JIm and Mickey
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