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  1. Dave Pickering with Mirror Magic is declared the winner of the August 2020 Essence of Carping Photo Competition Dave Pickering will receive a $100 bait or tackle voucher together with a CAG Gold medal Dave Bayne with Got Turtle will receive a Silver Medal Thanks for entering and Congratulations!
  2. Great to see some top entries for the September competition. Keep them coming!
  3. And don't forget that the photos do not have to be of someone holding a fish... The photos do not have to be of someone holding a fish (this is NOT a Trophy fish competition) but they should be recognizable as being related to carp or buffalo fishing in North America and should reflect the capture of a special moment.
  4. Yes photo must be taken in the month of the competition. So September 2020 to qualify for this current month.
  5. Essence of Carping - August Photos. Please post your vote here:
  6. Please cast your vote in the poll that follows this post! Photo A: Mirror Magic Photo B: Got Turtle
  7. Have you tried an iPhone remote for taking pictures? This might be an ideal option as you can hold the fish AND then operate the remote when you are ready to take a photo. $6 via Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Bestshoot-Wireless-Bluetooth-Shutter-Smartphones/dp/B07BLWY9BP or other options here: https://www.bestreviews.guide/iphone-remote-for-photos
  8. Would a small stool or upturned bucket to sit on help? What kind of photo set up do you use? Some offer remote trigger options instead of relying on a self timer which allows more time to get settled and in position to take a photo.
  9. Fall Big 4 2020 October 1st – November 30th 2020 These are the final and definitive rules for the CAG Fall Big 4 2020. Entry to take part in the Fall Big 4 2020 binds you to these rules. It is the Competitors responsibility to read and understand these rules. No changes or allowances will be made to catches or uploads outside of these rules. If in doubt ask! 1. To enter the Big 4 competition you must be a FULLY paid up CAG member (temporary memberships are excluded from entering) and have registered and paid your entry fee of $10.00 payab
  10. $1,000 PRIZES & AWARDS - The Top Ten Big 4 Fish Captors - will be awarded prizes based on the order of the Total Weight of Biggest 4 Fish submitted by a registered angler & caught from anywhere in North America. 1st - $300 * 2nd - $150 * 3rd - $100 * 4th - $75 * 5th - $50 * 6th thro' 10th - $30 each *Awarded as Gift Certificates to spend with Big Carp Tackle Our thanks to Big Carp Tackle for their continued support for the CAG Big 4 Additional Prizes will be awarded for: - Biggest Common and Biggest Mirror - - Regional Awards
  11. Photo Submission Example: 1. Iphone 5 2. Dec 12 2018 3. Waddington, NY 4. Iain Sorrell Now it's your turn - Add you photo taken in the month of September 2020 and details as shown to a reply in this thread!
  12. Here is a list of people who's entries have been carried over from the cancelled Spring Big 4. If you PAID (and didn't ask for a refund) for a Spring Big 4 entry and don't see you name listed please let me know! Please make sure your membership is up to date (see below) as only Fully paid CAG members are eligible to take part in the Big 4 Competition Aaron Wither Alex Bercu Allen Palmer Amy Demrovsky Andrey Tsalkovich Angela Tallack Iain Sorrell
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