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  1. All fixed - you are good to go until 08-03-2021
  2. Congratulations to Tim Marshall who won the Deeper Pro + Sonar Package in the CAG Membership draw!
  3. So... After trying to contact Mike Ratcliff Jr and receiving no response we have run the draw for the Deeper Pro once again... The winner is Tim Marshal !
  4. Submit your 2019 CAG President Election Platform Letters here
  5. CAG NY & Hudson Valley Fish-In & Social this Sunday October 13th @ Dutchman's Landing Catskill, NY 7am - 4pm #carpanglersgroup
  6. There is still time to enter and there are some great prizes on offer but you must be a paid CAG member to take part! More Details on Discovery Month - but you must be a CAG Member to access this link! Click Here to Join CAG! Event runs for 6 weeks from Sept 1 to October 15 2019. Details While many CAG events are based on fish size and number, Discovery Month is based on Writing, Photography and Documenting a carp angler’s success or even failure. That’s because behind every fishing trip is a story! A Discovery Month story should highlight the adventure and experience of carp fishing rather than a list of the fish that were caught. Discovery Month is a FREE to enter competition. You do not need to complete a registration form but you must be a CAG member. You just need to go out and fish a new venue (new to you) and report on your experiences (for example what you learned, what you did that worked or did not work, any fish captures or not, why you chose this spot to fish and so on). Rules will be posted in a separate thread but remain the same as past years. Discovery Month runs from September 1st until October 15th 2019. Only stories that took place in this time period will count. Ideally, contestants will start to post their experiences from October 1st to 15th but feel free to post them anytime up to Midnight of the end date. A separate thread will be created to post reports and experiences.
  7. That's because you are a Forum Guest and not a Paid Member. You can join here: http://www.joincag.com
  8. We've created a new Members Only Discussion area! http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/forum/410-general-discussion/
  9. Yes you paid... have you signed into the New Leaderboard?
  10. Fall Big 4 Registration Closes Monday September 30th!!! http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/forum/404-2019-cag-fall-big4/
  11. Registration for the Fall Big 4 2019 closes at Noon on Sept 30th 2019 Click Here to Register for the Fall Big 4 2019 Click here for Full Details on Prizes, Rules & LeaderBoard
  12. I just tested it and it works fine... Anyone else having difficulty? Copy also to: CAGSTAFF@carpanglersgroup.com
  13. Here are the Prize Winners from our 2019 CAG Membership Drive! Mike Ratcliff Jr. Deeper Pro + Package JPHcarpangler Linear Bait Package Paul Russell RidgeMonkey Headlamp Chris Hall RidgeMonkey Headlamp (CO) JohnFinney RidgeMonkey Headlamp Damn Yankee Top Baiter Package Joseph Venable CAG Mirror Mug (TN) Cannonball CAG Common Mug (MO) MOCarper CAG Mirror Mug Travis Carr CAG Common Mug Congratulations and thank you to ALL our members for supporting CAG. Important! The winners should email me with their current mailing address so that we can get the prizes shipped out ASAP: email: anglingsolutions@gmail.com
  14. You can download and read the latest North American Carp Angler Magazine from the CAG Download section Or read it online at ISSUU Publications https://issuu.com/northamericancarpangler/docs/2019_q3_naca If you would like to write a story or submit an article please send an email to: naca@carpanglersgroup.com
  15. Savayman

    NACA Q3 2019

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    NACA Q3 2019
  16. View File NACA Q3 2019 NACA Q3 2019 Submitter (CT) Savayman Submitted 08/24/2019 Category NACA
  17. More Prizes Added! The revolutionary Top-Baiter that delivers pellets or 'slop' right next to your hook bait for optimum surface and top water presentations See the Top-Baiter in Action!
  18. 2019 CAG Membership Drive & A Special Incentive to Join! For over 25 years the Carp Anglers Group (CAG) has been dedicated to introducing anglers in North America to the excitement of catch & release carp fishing as well as the protection of trophy carp. Strength in Numbers: One of the critical factors toward ensuring the protection of trophy carp (especially from indiscriminate bow fishing and unregulated or illegal movement of fish) is the continued growth of our membership base. Simply put - The more members we have the greater our presence, influence and representation we can have to ensure better appreciation for carp and carp fishing with state fishery organizations. Every $ Counts! CAG is a not-for-profit organization run by volunteers. Every cent of your membership fee goes toward supporting the CAG mission and better outcomes for our favorite sport fish. We need you! Now is the time to step up and join CAG. It costs only $25 for new members (which includes a New Member Pack) and then just $20 a year for renewals. We now have almost 4,000 people on the CAG Facebook page so we know there are plenty of potential members! Please Note: If your CAG Membership has expired or you are a CAG Forum Guest please Log-In with your existing User Name and Password to renew your membership. Please do not create another account. Click Here to Join CAG CAG Members* who join or have a current membership at midnight on August 31st 2019 will be automatically entered into a draw and the chance to win the following prizes! First Prize: Worth $279 A Deeper Smart Pro + Castable Sonar Unit together with a Smart Phone Rod Mount, Night Fishing Cover & a Winter Smart Phone Case (perfect for winter or ice fishing trips). Second Prize: Worth $100 A Special Linear Bait Session Pack that includes Session boilies, flavored pellets, jars of double dipped hook bait, jars of flavored corn, Plus Glug & Booster spray. Third, Fourth and Fifth Prizes: Worth $50 each A RidgeMonkey VRH300 Rechargeable Headlamp worth over $50. The VRH300 offers Selectable White or Green light two level output for wide angle and a third longer range spotlight makes this the ideal fishing headlamp. Rechargeable lithium battery offers up to 90 hours of use. Click Here to Join CAG * To be entered for the draw you must be a fully paid CAG member (excludes CAG Directors and Temporary memberships) at midnight August 31st 2019. The lucky winners will be drawn using an on-line number randomizer. The North American Carp Anglers Group (also referred to as CAG) was established to pursue the following objectives: A): To gain acceptance of common carp as an exciting and challenging sport-fish B): To become better carp anglers, assist others and encourage them to join us. C): To treat the carp with respect, promote the release of trophy-size carp and encourage others to do the same. D): Most of all: go fishing, share with others, and have fun.
  19. This weekend Saturday June 29th 2019 - CAG Social Thomas Bull, NY This social will be held on a NY free fishing day. That means no fishing license is required for anyone from anywhere. That being said it is a great opportunity to get people from everywhere together to wet some lines and teach the youngsters a thing or 2. The venue is just a few miles off I-84 in the town of Montgomery NY 38 min from PA & NJ and 50 min from CT. This social is aimed towards introducing the next generation of carp anglers to the sport and or helping them hone in on there skills. Bring your kids and their friends. We would prefer if you brought you own bait and tackle and maybe an extra pole or 2 if you could, but if you don't have the proper gear don't worry we will get you set up. This park lake was stocked with Mirror carp some time ago. It is believed that there are mirrors up to 20lb but the majority of the stock are in the 5-12 lb range. The fish see bread often from people feeding the birds and do respond to corn and other hook baits. I hope to see some of you there. Tight lines until then. Johnny Jackets
  20. Congratulations to Kirk (MO) MOCarper for his winning tip for the month of May. Kirk wins a $25 CAG Store gift certificate. You can post Carp Tips & Tricks for June at the following link. http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/forum/171-members-only-diy-section/ Carp’n Tips & Tricks Over the years we often come across some clever ideas or neat tricks that enhance our carp fishing experience. As an encouragement to share these ‘golden nuggets’ I’m proposing that members post them in the Members Only DIY Section of the CAG forum. As an added incentive we’ll be awarding a $25 CAG store gift certificate to the best idea posted each month (based on views and responses to the topic thread and as judged by the CAG BOD). You don’t have to be the originator of an idea but it would be nice to give credit to those you think deserve recognition. I’ve posted a couple of my own to get the ball rolling so now it’s over to you!
  21. The 2019 CAG Carp Classic (CCC) will take place on Saturday September 28th along the Des Plaines River, Joiliet IL ! Fish-In on the Friday 27th plus an optional to enter tournament at the same venue Sunday 29th. More details to follow in the CAG Carp Classic Forum section! Chris Labucki was the big winner in 2018... who will be the winner in 2019?
  22. Please write to Tennessee email FishingReg.Comments@tn.gov to propose protecting trophy carp from being taken from Dale Hollow Reservoir and sold to other lakes. Here is my letter. Please feel free to write your own response or copy from mine: The rapid growth in the catch and release of trophy carp has brought anglers to Dale Hollow Reservoir in search of its remarkable, trophy sized fully scaled mirror carp. Carp anglers come from all over North America as well as parts of Europe often fishing for periods from a few days to 1-3 weeks at a time. The anglers spend significant tax dollars and often rent house boats to access key areas of the reservoir. They bring significant economic opportunity to TN & KY by extending the business opportunities before and after the regular tourist season (April, May and Sept, Oct & Nov). Paul Hunt of Canada with a Dale Hollow Fully Scaled Mirror Carp Unfortunately it has come to our attention that commercial operations are catching and removing trophy carp (possibly catfish & as well) from Dale Hollow then transporting the live fish for sale to small ‘paylakes’ and ponds in North Carolina and other states. This is not only detrimental to the stocks of trophy carp in Dale Hollow but also brings the risk of transporting unwanted species or invasives such as zebra mussels or hydrilla, especially as these commercial operations are also taking & moving live fish from other lakes and rivers around the USA. We would propose introducing restrictions on the taking and movement of common carp (especially of trophy size over 30”) to protect the long term fishing & economic prospects of common carp fishing in Dale Hollow Reservoir. The unique nature of the fully scaled mirror carp in Dale Hollow makes them a very valuable resource. The taking of common carp over 30” has been shown to rapidly diminish the number of trophy fish in a water. Trophy common carp are usually considered to be fish in excess of 30 inches. They can reach weights in excess of 50lb and may be upwards of 15-20 years in age. Catch & Release anglers go to great lengths to ensure the care and safe handling of these trophy fish to ensure they can be released to grow bigger and bring pleasure to other anglers in the future. In Europe catch and release fishing for trophy carp is now worth an estimated US$ 7 billion. We hope you will consider introducing regulations to limit or prevent the taking of trophy common carp from Dale Hollow Reservoir. I would be happy to help answer any questions you might have in relation to trophy carp fishing or proposed regulations. Sincerely,
  23. The Fishin’ Factory in Middletown will be bringing a huge range of the latest & very best in carp tackle & bait to the Carp Conference on Saturday!
  24. We are monitoring the CT River carefully... The flow is up due to recent snow melt up north and temps stuck around 40F. Steve Clow took a look along Harbor Park in his lunch break today and said he could hold bottom with 5oz at 25yds out with 2 hours before low tide (so very much on the outgoing). Low tide on Sunday is 9:52 am so it should be fishable from around 9 am until around 3pm. One positive is that the higher water level will make netting fish easier!
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