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  1. Serious question, can 3 anglers choose to fish together?
  2. Any requests? Raindrops keep falling on my head
  3. OH cool, we going to have a band playing as well?
  4. It might be if your limo driver isn't from Joliet.
  5. If I may add one thing. More than half the streets in downtown Joliet are one-way streets. Be careful, we have seen accidents happen while we were fishing before.
  6. I seen a few carp rods at a pawn shop about 15 miles from you. Two women were pawning them.
  7. Hello everyone, this Larry. I going to try to raise some cash for CAG. I have a Snapple bottle filled with change. Each paid angler for the CCC will get one free guess as to how much money is in the bottle. Each additional guess will cost you $1, buy as many as you would like. The angler with the guess closest to the amount in the bottle without going over wins the $$. ALL money collected from this will be donated to Cag. The change in the bottle is donated by me. HINT: change in the bottle greater than $50 and less than $100. Feeling lucky?
  8. Save your $$ Tony, LOL. I got this.
  9. Look at all that structure for fish to hide,lol. Overall a good place to fish.
  10. Just a little look as the what you will be fishing in for the CCC. Average 202 ft wide and 24 ft deep.
  11. Good idea, depend where your staying also. Harrahs has good security.
  12. Anyone with questions about local area, restaurants, lodging, events ect, let me know. I will answer your questions somewhat promptly. One thing to keep in mind Joilet is filled with one-way streets, so be careful and pay attention.
  13. All pegs are available for your ride.
  14. With Bogdan on the entry list the odds for everyone else winning just went up. LOL!
  15. Meet and Greet Friday May 31st at the Waverly bar and grill on 16th St. Two River Wi. Bring your scales to get approved for this event. Going to be a great time!
  16. As always Chad, let me know if you need some help. Since I live in Joliet it might make a couple things easier on you if you have some small tasks that I could do to help out.
  17. June 1st and 2nd Wisconsin Carp championship.2019 In Two Rivers. Contact Doug on his email (dougdev54@gmail.com) or phone (920-901-5542), to get your copy of the Rules, Entry Form, and register for the Tournament. Or look us up on Facebook 2019 Wi carp Championship. Disregard Rule 14 and replace it with "Bait responsibly". Going back to the way this event was a few years ago.
  18. Thank to all who attended, I believe everyone had a good time. The bite could have been better but.................. Excuse my computer skills, but Dustys total was 69 lbs total, And andys total was 68-6.
  19. The light rain continued most of the morning but didn't stop Dusty for taking the win for the 2nd year in a row, beating Chicago know Angler great Andy Burnagiel by only 10 ounces. 3rd place taken by Frank Rink with a 50-10 lbs total. Jeff Conroy earns big fish honors for his tough fighting 22-9 fish, Great job Guys. Heres some pictures I have of the event, if you have any more please post them here. Dusty Palmer 1st place Andy B. 2nd placeJeff conroy Big fish Frank Ring 3rd place A few more pics of the other winners of other catagories and raffle prizes Hotdog central Emilio
  20. Felling a little under the weather, results will be posted on Monday. Thanks to who showed up for a decent event!
  21. Look at it this way Gentlemen, if this event was still held in Joliet we would be using 5 ounce leads and still fighting swift current.
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