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  1. Lee, more anglers the better. But please advise them that Joliet is no comparison to Two Rivers fishing in Joliet can be very slow at times. Don't get me wrong I would like more anglers I just do want them to be disappointed.

    All of Joliet regulars know how slow Joliet can be at times.

                                                                                  Thanks again, Larry

  2. It will be bigger and better when Willem gets done, relax!
  3. Looks like its going to be a great time for the Anglers.
  4. Wish I could make it this year but I have made plans to fish the Big Lake on that weekend.
  5. I was hoping for little Elli Meyers to win something, she was so patient for a youngster and so happy when she caught fish, Good job ELLI!!!
  6. With fishing most of the Chicagoland carp fishing events I have found that they are all cut throat events, even somewhat from my end. And this weekend is my last time being a weigh steward for any event ,period. It was a great time guys and girls and congrats to all the winners.
  7. Who won the St. Croix rod, I was going to enter the derby just for a chance to win it.
  8. Looks like Indiana kicked our butts again, LOL. Good job Dale.
  9. Electric transformers blowing up, a car rolling down the bank, runaway motor boats, swan diving into the rocky bank, hmmmmmmm I cant decide what was the best moment of the day. LOL
  10. Il be there, at 5am. What am I going to be doing? Weighing fish, selling water, keeping an on on the CAG guys,Lifegaurd, security?
  11. Cool, glad to help. Just burned out on the fishing thing.
  12. Il be there Saturday to help. What time? give me an address to put in my gps. And should I bring my scale, tripod, and sling?
  13. Did you have to buy warning point?
  14. Same price if the name that I want on my rods are 349 letters long? lol
  15. Thats right, we need your $$$$
  16. miller park still a go? Wheres the details if so?

  17. Hey Bill, is the turkey thing still a go?

    just asking because there no talk about it.


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