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  1. My best answer would be wait till the water warms up and watch for fish showing. then you my get an idea of the number of fish in the pong. My other guess would be to try to take photos of the same side of all the fish you catch. that way when you get home you can compare the fish you catch. most ponds like this have a good population of fish in them, just try fishing all parts of the pond and see if you can get into different fish!
  2. yah, it does from what i have heard. commons, mirrors, and grassers.
  3. thanks slimy yah josh its been so long, i was way excited to get a carp to the mat!
  4. Today i took my cousin Matt out on a trip to a local pond full of common, mirror, and grass carp. He came down from upstate New York this week to visit. Hes in the US ARMY NATIONAL GUARD. We fished the last three hours of sunlight, maybe a half hour into dusk. The bites were typical slow winter carp runs. But we both managed a nice fish! Thanks for looking!!
  5. Im going to be moving to Columbia South Carolina in january. Is there anyone who knows about the areo, or ever fished lake Murray? Thanks
  6. Yah ill send a pm yur way carpaholic. Thanks Guys! carpaholic pm me actually. yur box is full
  7. Im not gonna stop fishing, just not much carp fishing as it tends to get a little pricey. Thanks everyone for the good wishes!
  8. Well, im gonna be taking a little break from carp fishing. Ill be heading off to college in upstate new york. So heres pics from my latest trip to the pipes. Weather was about 103 degrees, water was in high 80's. They were hitting peach grits like crazy! Enjoy!
  9. Dude! I luv the vids man, you guys show more carp care than most on the forum!! Keep at em!!!
  10. haha well i dont want people getting all worked up so i say it in the title! You know how people get around here! A fun trip though!
  11. Well i took a trip up to my aunts house and after around 16 hours and nuthing besides a bit of catfish action, i headed home. The lakehouse is on Jackson Lake here in central georgia! Take a look! my swim^ again^ my cousin showing where the bigguns are!^ highs in the 90's mean swimming^ bankside relaxation^
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