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  1. Like, share and subscribe! come see us www.hillbillybonez.org

  2. Aspire to be the best at what you do, do Not aspire to be a aprt of someones group~ Eric L Ridenour

  3. Can't nothin' hold me down, I got this!

  4. Feeling cruddy, sittin here in the dark listening to the thunder storm roll threw....

  5. You know I find it Utterly amazing Just How some Folks are. You can do what ever it is you do with those who only drag you down, but those who have been there to pick you up and help you out, you seem to only step on. It's a shame how you do, shame on you. I also Find it VERY concerning how words can be spoken to others about concerns, yet those who speak and utter those very same words show very little Moxie in the said statements that they make, funny is it not how words can pierce ones sou...

  6. Dear president Obama, you sir are a worthless piece of ####. I hope you and your middles eastern tribe take the $119.00 and purchase a goat that has aids, and while you sir and you tribe are fur plunging these fine aids infected goats, I sure do hope you and your tribe then take turns on each other as the goat runs ramped threw your families village also infecting them and their families and the great supporters of you and glorious faction. I sir, wish you nothing but the very best in hell...

  7. I wanna say a huge thanks to my brother in law Matthew for fixing my truck today, I greatly appreciate it! I owe ya man!

  8. Had a fun day with my beautiful wife and beautiful daughter, very tired and time for bed ?

  9. This goes out to everyone on my friends list. I send very Few Invites to anything, Hardly ever sent an invite to games and what not, IF I sent you and Invite to anything, it was for a good cause. If you did NOT accept my invite I understand, really I do. BUT, if YOU send me any invites I will Toss your ass off of my friends list. As it's always nice to see how some of yall are doing, even though You walk right past me now in real life, I have ZERO issues with removing you from this silly a...

  10. A custom order done and headed out!

  11. I knew there was a reason I love this man!

  12. Anyone know where in Morgantown or surrounding areas where I could find burch trees that are 6 inches to 8 inches in diameter? I'm needing a few 48" sections

  13. Anyone who has not seen this, I suggest y'all do it's funny as heck!

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