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  1. They are top notch. I have had the same experience with getting shipping charges refunded. It's a nice touch. Some companies really gouge you with shippipng charges!
  2. I received my order from RT the other day and everything was great except for 1 little problem. I contacted them about the problem and they responded quickly. They handled my problem and were quite friendly and professional about it. I have never had any trouble in the past when ordering from RT and now I know if I do they will take care of it. Well done!
  3. I wish Mario was my friend, that way I could pick his brain about what flavors and attractants really work.
  4. After trying for a day and a half, my order finally went through.
  5. Anyone try ordering recently? I'm trying to buy some stuff and the PayPal option for checkout gives me some sort of error message. I've tried several times but no luck.
  6. I tried to go to BFS yesterday and was redirected to another site that gave my computer a virus. I wasn't going to post about it, but I was talking to another member and the same thing happened to him.
  7. Dunkel


    I like my Spam fried on a sammich with cheese!
  8. I hope this doesn't happen to me and I'm sorry to hear it's happening at all. I use PP for 90% of my purchases. I'm pretty sure that all of my carp related purchases have been through PP.
  9. I agree Bob! I've used both products and while I have no confidence at all in boilies, the Preferred 24 did roll nice. I use a little Sweet 34 in my doughball recipes and am happy with it.
  10. Congrats on the new rod. Welcome to the group from a friend of possum's and a fellow Mountaineer!
  11. I got mine in the mail today. They look great. I put one on my tackle box, and will put the others on my rods later today. I'll take a picture or 2 when I do. Thanks again to Carl for doing this.
  12. Possum asked about Money Orders being OK, but you didn't answer him. I was wondering if you preferred Money Orders or would Personal Check be OK?
  13. I agree! I have had a problem with an order here or there, but all it took was an e-mail or phone call and Paul took care of it. Great products and great customer service!
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