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  1. Hello all - I live close to Minnetonka and would welcome meeting up with some local people to do some fishing. Let me know what works and we can sort out a time and venue (either one of the rivers or multitude of lakes that hold some decent fish in the area).
  2. Hi this is an hour from where I live - are you good with me joining? Thanks David
  3. Hi there - good to hear from you. Would welcome getting together to catch some fish. Where are you in Minnesota?
  4. lewiscarp


  5. Paul Do you still fish in Minnesota? Have you fished any of the rivers and if so do you know of any good holding spots, pools / deeper slower water? Will be buying a boat next year so would be good to get a heads up on river locations. Do you know anything about the rod limits? I have heard it's 1 rod- how strict is this rule if clearly fishing for carp (I.e. Not bass or take home fish). Thanks David
  6. Hello I have recently moved to Minnesota after a long spring chasing carp in NJ. I will be located in either Chanhassen or Maple Grove- If there is anyone that can point me in the right direction or wants to meet up that fishes for carp in Minnesota please shoot me a mail. I am aware that 70% of the lakes are populated by Carp but am looking for lakes that potentially hold larger specimens 30lb+. Thanks David
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